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Quik is the best


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That's right. @Quik is incompetent and here is why:








Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with his incompetence. HIS NAME IS LITERALLY "QUIK". This man has the opportunity to write "Quik Announcement" but still chooses to write "Minor Announcement". Once even going as far as naming one of his articles "Quic k Announcement". How dare he is the question that should be asked. He has been given the opportunity to do something great with both his position and his name. In light of this, a while ago, a petition was made for @Will to change the word "Quic k" to "Quik" on the forums to abolish this tomfoolery. I say, due to this act of treason, Quik should be impeached at once.


I mean for the love of god, @Will even named his article "A Quik Announcement". Come on Quik. Keep up.

(although the article was about Quik himself)










+2 Capped Tpe, +4 Uncapped TPE Week 3/5

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