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MAL/TOR; S67 off-season


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Thanks to all four that we are trading.  Ultimately all four have impacted our team in some way from our inaugural leading scorer in Glover, to one of the best guys in the league in Strong.  From one of the biggest steals I've had and an all around good dude in Morpheus, to a late pickup last year who kicked off the year with good activity in Lindberg.


Ultimately we didnt have room for all of our players and we saw this as an opportunity to pick up an elite talent.

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2 hours ago, hedgehog337 said:

Percs of a weak division I guess? Toronto still gets into the playoffs, but more eyeing on next season I guess.


*armchair expert analysis done*


More or less. I feel like without crossover the base leftover starpower on TOR roster is more than enough for playoffs, which is a coin flip anyway. Why exhaust more assets to overload when I also needed to fill holes for now and the future.


This move gives us a complete roster by traditional standards, we get 3 good younger players all hungry for more minutes and more prominent roster spots. Was inevitable to sell a star to recoup some assets, can only Devise so many off seasons in a row.


That said will miss Sully Jr. Sorry we couldn't get more out of the 2 seasons, but enjoy Malmo. Welcome to our new faces, excited to see what everyone brings to the table this season.

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