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S68 VHL Mock Draft: The Top 5


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With the VHL playoffs coming to a close, we can look ahead to the offseason, and more importantly, the VHL draft. As Malmo won the draft lottery, they will pick first in a draft that is very defense heavy. Lets get straight to the projected first overall pick of this years draft.


:mal:#1: Malmo Nighthawks: Condor Adrienne-D (423 TPE):mal:



Talk about a no brainer. Last years draft saw the first overall pick being debated bout a lot, regarding who should be taken first overall. This year does not follow last year. Adrienne is nearly 60 tpe ahead of second ranked Lance Flowers. He also is being added on to a team that needs more defenseman. Hugh Chan, Jerry Garcia, and Rusty Shackleford help make a deadly top four unit, and adding Adrienne will only solidify that. The only thing that could stop them is that Shackleford has not updated in a while. This team could use some more offensive help as well, but they are pretty set. After losing Wilcox to expansion, they still have a core of Sullivan Jr., Materazo, Marleau, Van Lagen, and Nygren leading the way. This pick is also solidified by the fact that Adrienne even said he wanted to play for one of the four most recently added franchise (DC, Prague, Malmo, Moscow). This is an easy selection for Malmo.


:nya: #2: New York Americans: Lance Flowers- D (363 TPE) :nya:



The Americans could use anybody. Luckily, they don't have to make a difficult decision. Flowers is the clear cut #2 guy behind Adrienne, and he would have been #1 in most other draft years. He is very reliable to make a solid player, as his last player Gabriel McCallister was a first ballot hall of famer. The Americans have so many holes, as the rebuild is just starting. Their top defensemn is Guy LeGrande, and could use another solid defenseman to help him out. The forward depth is decent, but lacks a real stand out talent, although Boris the Forest may turn into a star. The Americans should make the easy pick here.


:sea: #3: Seattle Bears: Jeff Downey- D (299 TPE) :sea:



The Bears have based the entire rebuild off of the S67 class, and it certainly has worked out so far. Besides a miss on Boone Jenton, everyone else is panning out. The defense consists of Ambrose Stark, Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Low, a formidable unit that will be complete upon Downey's arrival. That is a top four that no one will want to face. The offense is already solid, with Acyd Burn,  Berocka Sundqvist, John Frostbeard, Henrik Zoiderberg, and Scott Greene. They also have no problems in net, with Rayz Funk putting up numbers that will get him Rookie of the Year consideration. Once again, there shouldn't be much to think about.


:dav: #4: HC Davos: Thorny Underyew- C (268 TPE) :dav:



Davos is in a weird spot. They addressed their defense issue, trading for Elasmobranch Fish and Shawn Glade this offseason to solidify the top four. They also have a great offensive group with Aston Martin, Bjorn Scoringsson, Jake Davis, John Madden and more. Trading for Thompson's rights was a risk, but if they can sign him, they will be in prime contention. They don't have any obvious holes on the roster, so I expect them to take a reliable center. The difference between #4 and #10 is only 10 TPE. @jack is a returning member, which is why I anticipate Davos will take him with their pick.


:cal: #5: Calgary Wranglers: Teemu Lehtinen Jr.- LW (271 TPE) :cal:



Calgary struggled to score last season, finishing with only 207 goals for. They only were four goals ahead of Davos, who finished ninth in goals for in S67. The Wranglers need to fix this issue, and this is the easiest way to do it. Joel Ylonen, Tyler Barabash Jr., Roll Fizzlebeef and Diljodh Starload are capable players, but veterans Leph Twinger and Sebastian Ironside are on their way out. The defense also is weak, as Cody Smith, Kefka Palazzo, and Brandon LeBanc have low TPE totals for a contending team.  The Wranglers have plenty of holes to fill in preparation for opening night, and can help fill out a spotty offense with Lehtinen Jr.


Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the first round, and then Saturday will have the second round!



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