SEA/MAL; S69 off-season

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Thanks @Advantage.

@oilmandan I've said it already but will say it once more. Thank you for giving Seattle a chance. It was awesome to finally have you part of our LR and you were really appreciated by every single person in our Bears family. I hope the hype of how great Seattle is didn't disappoint. In my 21 seasons as GM, this is by far the best team and LR I've ever had. In my entirety of sim leagues, this is the best. You're going to be missed, Dan. 


Thank you for helping us become back to back Continental Cup champions. Sorry it had to end this way. Best wishes moving forward and can't wait to have you as a Bear one day again. :) 


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3 minutes ago, McWolf said:

not exactly sure why seattl is blowing up like that

Seattle was heavily over the cap with Ylonen and Willinsky. Seattle, with this trade, is under the cap. This is not the teams last move. 

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7 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:


The cap. Their main core is S67 player that about to get prime contract money. so yeah.

oh that's it. I get cap can be an issue, but i thought it wasn't bad enough that they'd be trading two vets and shopping some younger players too. Apparently it is that bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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