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My S74 Dream Team

Baby Boomer

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Hello everyone, 


This week is theme week and the subject is VHL dream team. In this article, I will do my own S74 dream team. Indeed, I will only take players from the S74 draft class to make my dream team. On my team there will be three forwards, two defenceman and one goalie. S74 was in my opinion a very very good draft class and I needed to choose only six of them, so obviously some players will not be on the team. 


*The players on my team are not necessarily the best players of their draft class in everyone’s opinion, but they are the players that in my opinion did the best during theirs careers. 


Forward - Aloe Dear @Renomitsu(4 individual trophies and 1 Continental Cup) (VHL drafted : 1st overall by Warsaw) 


Aloe Dear is by a lot the best player of his draft class. Indeed, the one who played with the Warsaw Predators, the D.C. Dragons and the Vancouver scored an impressive amount of 329 goals and 455 assists for a total of 784 points in 576 games. Aloe Dear won the Victory Cup in S77 and the Contiental Cup in S78 with the Warsaw Predators. S78 was a really good season for him as he won four individuals trophies and the Continental Cup with the Warsaw Predators. Additionally, Dear had 5 seasons of at least a 100 points 6 seasons of 40 goals and more. Aloe Dear was not only good in the regular season, during the playoffs between S75 and S81 Dear scored 112 points in 96 games. 


Forward - Lee Xin @Blazzer (1 Continental Cup) (VHL drafted : 17th overall by Chicago) 


Lee Xin is probably the biggest suprise of this draft class. Indeed, Xin was not even drafted in the first round, but he is the second player with the most point of this draft class with a record of 277 goals and 440 assists for a total of 717 points in 576 games. Lee played his entire career with the Phoenix and won the Continental Cup in S76 and the Victory Cup in S78. Even if he never won an individual trophy, Lee Xin had four seasons of 100 points and six seasons of at least 30 goals. Lee did not play a lot in the playoffs, but he still scored 67 points in 60 games. 


Forward - Venus Thightrap @BladeMaiden (1 Continental Cup) (VHL drafted : 3rd overall by Vancouver) 


Venus Thightrap moved a lot in the VHL as he played for 4 teams in 8 seasons during his career. Indeed, he played his first three seasons in Vancouver with the Wolves. After, he played one season with the Helsinki Titans and another one with the Seattle Bears to go play with Prague for two seasons. He finally went back to Seattle to finish his career. Venus won his only trophy during his rookie season with the Vancouver Wolves as they won the Contiental Cup. Overall, Venus Thightrap had a pretty good career with a record of 292 goals and 370 goals for a total of 662 points in 576 games. Although, Thightrap only had one season of at least 100 points, but six seasons of a point per game. 


DefencemanKasper Kankkunen @Zack(0 Trophy) (VHL drafted : 12th overall by London) 


Kasper Kankkunen did not play a lot in the VHL as he only played for 6 seasons with three different teams. He started his career with 3 seasons in London with the United before being traded to the Seattle Bears where he played 2 seasons. He finally finished his career with the Chicago Phoenix. Kankkunen was a pretty offensive player for a defenceman as he had a record of 93 goals and 352 assists for a total of 445 points in only 432 games. Even though Kasper Kankkunen never won a trophy, both individual and team, he was easily the best blue liner of this draft class. Indeed, Kasper had 4 seasons with at least a point per game. In addition, he only 52 games in the playoffs, Kasper Kankkunen scored 44 points. 


DefencemanLucifer Olivier Leveque @InstantRockstar(1 individual trophy and 1 team trophy) (VHL drafted : 20th overall by Seattle) 


Lucifer Olivier Leveque was really loyal to the team who drafted him as he played 6 of the 7 seasons of his career with the Seattle Bears before finishing it with the Calgary Wranglers. Lucifer Olivier never was a really outstanding player, but he was a really really constant one. Indeed, Leveque never had a season with more than a point per game, but he was always putting up between 58 and 70 points during his seasons. He finished his career with a total of 104 goals and 341 assists for 445 points in 504 games. Lucifer Olivier Leveque won the Continental Cup in S77 with Seattle and the Ryan Sullivan Trophy with Yukon in the VHLM in S74 for the best defenseman in the league.



GoalieDoug Dimmadome @Esso2264 (0 trophy) (VHL drafted : 5th overall by Los Angeles) 


I talked about Lucifer Olivier Leveque being a loyal player, but I don’t think that you can have a more loyal player than Doug Dimmadome. Indeed, Doug played the entirety of his 7 seasons with the Los Angeles Stars and he never left. There was not a lot of goalies that played more than 2 seasons as the starter in the VHL in this draft class and Dimmadome was by a lot the best of them. He has not been very lucky, because the Los Angeles never were a really really competitive team during the entirety of his career. This is one of the reason why he never won a trophy, but other than that, Doug Dimmadome was a really good goalie. He had 208 wins in 455 games played and he has maintained a save pourcentage of 0,916% and an average of 3,21 goals against per game. 


In conclusion, they were a lot of good players in this draft class, the choices were not easy and I want to congratulate everyone who were tagged in this article! 


Honorable mention : Luke Thornton @Jtv123Isabella Campbell @BanackockChristion Mingle @QuikLexi Glass @AW13Matt thunder @Matt thunderChris Reynolds @Crstats23Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment

1000 words +

21 february - 27 february

28 febtuary - 6 mars


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