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Penalty Shot Attribute


Board of Governors has passed the proposal of adding a penalty shot (PS) attribute to all player pages that both skaters and goaltenders can improve by adding TPE, just like all other attributes. Previously penalty shot attributes had been decided by simmer Jardy on a player-by-player basis, usually improving as a player improved their overall attributes, but that system wasn't entirely fair for everyone.


Therefore updaters will be adding the penalty shot attribute to each player page, resetting it to 40, this week and TPE can be added to it starting now. Another reason for adding penalty shot was to give players an extra attribute to spend the increasing amount of TPE in the league. It will also give managers another aspect to look at when creating the line-up for shoot outs.


Will you dominate the shoot out like David Smalling (22 goals/42 shots) and Aidan Shaw (150 saves/203 shots) or will you crumble under pressure like James Faraday (5 goals/32 shots). It is now in your hands to decide. Full shoot out stats found here.




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Hmmm this is going to be sort of useless but I guess guys like Green/Kendrick can go nuts and max it.

Did you not say something about TPE/Draper last week, surely that would mean you are up in that neighbourhood too.

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