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If anyone knows where about they're post count was on the old site please post here.


*Note I will only change post counts of people I feel and admins feel are an accurate representation of what they're count actually was.


Information like post counts won't be as important as other information we'll need from SMF when eventually we get a chance to grab information, so approximates are fine here.

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Not exactly sure, but on the old forum I was at around 1000, so I was probably at about 2k on the old forum.


If you need TPE counts I think Janssen was somewhere between 300 and 310. (302, maybe?)  Although that could easily be found out whenever player pages are recovered.

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I had 10 224 on the invisionfree site so I'm going to estimate another like 4k on the SMF site and set my posts to 14 224 (plus the ones I have here already.


I'll do it myself, just pointing out what I'm doing.

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