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gorlab S68 Draft Speculation


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Salute VHL,


I will look at S68 prospects, not at all considering team needs, and give you MY mock draft. As an OG sim leaguer I have an eye for sniffing out sim league "talent". Sim league talent isn't easily defined and includes many factors. I think consistency and longevity are two obvious key qualities in a VHL player and although first gens CAN overcome/exceed proven track records, I still think historical sim league performance is highly valuable and knowingly have a recreate bias.


Sorry if I offend any first gen, under-the-radar, members. Please prove me wrong and exceed the people I'm about to rank super high. Also, I have to state this VHL.com is VHL HISTORY ONLY so no disrespect to people who put in their past work on SHL or SBA or whatever, but you prob not making the list.


VHL GMs feel free to contact me for sim draft advice for a nominal fee.




1. :mal: Malmo Nighthawks :mal:Condor Adrienne (member: Green)


Obvious and clear #1 pick of this draft I think. One of the greatest VHLers of all-time in terms of sim league success. Old and proven and goes about his business without ruffling feathers much. I would say this is easily the safest/easiest mock draft pick to make. BUT for the sake of an exciting PT i did just notice Adrienne is a d-man, and to ME, Green's most impactful players are high scoring forwards. I did a quik check and 3/5 Green players are HoFers. Two of which are scoring forwards (O'Malley being a generational/legendary player imo) and one was a goalie. Can Green make a dominant d-man? My guess is yes, but if I were a GM, I would be wishing he created a C or W player.


2. :nya: New York Americans :nya: - Lance Flowers (member: CowboyInAmerica)


Pick two is where it gets interesting. I know CIA is another OG VHLer with multiple HoFers, especially if he is the 'Cowboy' from very early-era VHL (but I don't think he is). I can't say I know him too well for whatever reason, but you have to respect a member who has two confirmed VHL HoFers, and is literally a greyman who goes about his business in the shadows, to the point where I don't even know him but I'm pretty sure I was active during both of his recent HoF careers with Wingate/McAllister.......... BUT it's also worth noting he has no HoF dman based on my 4 mins of research, so I will use that against him much like I did Green.


3. :sea: Seattle Bears :sea: - A Red Guy (member: Muffins)


IDK if he has any HoFers on him, but the guy is a quality VHL personality and to my knowledge, has a fairly extensive jacket of sim league work, including VHL-specific work with triple gold winning player (but not HoFer) E'Twaun Delicious. He may have used diff usernames and had other VHLers in the past, I don't know. He's got a quality VHL rep though. Top 5 lock, but debatable at the 3 spot. I think a goalie is also a much bigger commitment than a skater, and someone who has reputable activity history is valuable in this position.  EDIT: he does have a HoFer in his resume (Tukka Reikkinen who won 2 cups and a fuckton of awards) so yeah he's solidified at 3rd OA for me.


4. :dav: HC Davos Dynamo :dav:Teemu Lehtinen Jr (member: sixersfan549)


No relevant VHL history as far as I know, but I do know the sim league history is there, and IMO he's a good member (pause) who isn't a diva and can def. be a good soldier for a VHL franchise, and has the ability to commit/carry sim league franchises. Has been surprisingly active and is the best SBA-affiliate draftee in this draft. Good guy could go in the top 5, or be slept on by VHL GMs and fall out. I have no clue, but he's in my top 5... Not top two 2 because I had no clue CIA was in this draft class.


5. :idk: I Don't Know :idk:Thorny Underyew (member: jack)

I know he has previous cup-winning VHLers  (no HoFers tho based on my 4 mins of research) and currently has more tpe than #3/#4. I'm PROBABLY ranking him too low, but for me, he is a confirmed top 5 pick in this draft. Good graphic ability = easy to be a consistent VHLer in terms of tpe growth. Seems to have been very active so far with Underyew, and could go anywhere from 3-5 for me.




Honorable Mentions/Sleepers:


Andrej Petrovic aka Tyler - Depthy VHL history. No HoFers but has had some decent careers, and can be counted on to grind a player to at least like a 2nd liner

Kaspars Claude aka Bruins10 - Good graphics guy. Could/should be reliable, I would take him over a first gen 9 times out of 10. Also, isn't a sleeper because I would think GMs rank him highly.

Frans Eller aka Ace - I think this dude is an SHL OG (I might be wrong) and probably could be reliable VHL sim league pick.


SBA Affiliate Recruits:


Ryo Yamazuki II aka Donno100 - Funny guy and unique specimen. I wouldn't call him an activity guarantee, but I'd take him over a first gen 7 times out of 10, possible sleeper in this draft.

Roadkill Steve aka stevo - Sim league legend and an awesome personality. Strikes me as more of a one-league guy and is prob more active on SBA, but I'd take him, he's got potential.

Wolf Stansson Jr aka Cornholio - Know him from SBA. No VHL history afaik, but has good SBA work on his resume, sleeper in this draft.

Aamon Grim aka aCrypticPancake - No VHL history. Has SBA work on his resume. Has a VHL update this week. He's a sleeper.


I wish I could say this would be a good pick:


Justin Ridgeway aka streetlite - VHL legend but his current player seems inactive for the past month+. :(




Good luck to all the S68 draftees!!



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20 minutes ago, JeffD said:

Ouch not even an honourable mention. Although I do have a spotty history so it is understood.


My bad big fella, I don't recall you ever being active while I was running around VHL (besides now of course) and I also tried searching out if you had previous cups/awards and found nothing. 


No disrespect, this is just members I've known/known of from the past ~30 seasons give or take (and SBA). 

Edited by gorlab
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1 hour ago, Enorama said:

Seattle has Funk, I really doubt they take a goalie at all in this draft tbh, never mind at 3OA


I didn't know (or care) about team needs/positions. This was just a list of how I'd rank BPA heavily weighted towards historical performance... based on my horrible memory / 4 mins of research. 

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5 minutes ago, gorlab said:


My bad big fella, I don't recall you ever being active while I was running around VHL (besides now of course) and I also tried searching out if you had previous cups/awards and found nothing. 


No disrespect, this is just members I've known/known of from the past ~30 seasons give or take (and SBA). 

Oh yeah as I said it is understandable. I was an original VHL member so I would have never been around when you were. Also currently on my first player in the SBA as well.

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2 hours ago, gorlab said:

I have come to TERMS with not knowing who tf your original VHL player was/is @Sixersfan549



who tf is Le'Sean Coutzen though? No cups or awards for him?

original = Teemu Lehtinen Jr. Think I ended around 540 TPE w him. Coutzen was a complete bust lol

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On 9/3/2019 at 6:11 AM, gorlab said:

especially if he is the 'Cowboy' from very early-era VHL (but I don't think he is)


I'm not, actually didn't pop up around the VHL until near S30, but still knew a lot of people since I'd been doing football sims since before the VHL existed. And yeah this guy's only my second defenseman, Karsten Olsen was solid but didn't win any awards or anything so I'll take the ding. Appreciate the write up!

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