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S69 Moscow Menace Announcements


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It may have been a disappointing season in the end, but there is no reason for a complete rehaul in Moscow therefore we will be going into S69 with a veteran leadership team, rewarding those who have been with us for multiple seasons.


C - Jet Jaguar @gorlab

A - Dan Baillie @wcats

A - Jorgon Weyed @Joubo


Honourable mention: Mat Tocco, @Matmenzingerone of our most vocal players who might miss out on a letter this season because I'm old school and only hand out two As, but will surely be among Moscow's leadership group in the future.


Would also like to officially announce Austin Gow @eaglesfan036 as the team's new assistant GM - he has already jumped straight in by handling the draft for the Menace last night. Austin is a veteran VHL GM having led the Calgary Wranglers through a long and successful period, winning two top GM trophies and one Continental Cup in S44; his experience will be a welcome addition to the team on top of grabbing both his and @flyersfan1453's players in free agency.



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12 minutes ago, GustavMattias said:

Ok now let's start some drama here too. Every team deserves a chance.

The real drama is I haven't given a shout out to our other OG expansion draftee - the Italian Stallion Paolo Nano @leafsman. The man is a Moscow legend.

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