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So @Motzaburger came to us stating some real life things that have him busier than he previously was, and will be stepping down as Mexico City GM. He suggested a few people, Sonnet and I discussed it, and we now have a new GM ready to announce. Congratulations:




Welcome aboard and we'll get your perms set up in the discord



Also, apologies to @Esso2264 for swiping his guy yet again



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Unfortunately my Master's degree + at home quarantine/work has been a perfect storm. I need to get my priorities in order and finish my degree and move onto my PhD program. I love GMing and it was a ton of fun, I just need less responsibilities on here for now! Looking forward to coming back for a GM spot one day!


@Hylands will be a great replacement and will do the Mexico City Kings name nothing but good :)


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