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  1. VHL Portal - Team View

    I did mine this AM?
  2. VHL Portal - Team View

    Yes. At work so there's my excuse. Like can I look at all players who played for Seattle and see their career statistics for their time with Seattle? Career leaderboards like that would be awesome!
  3. VHL Portal - Team View

    It does? So on the Seattle page I can see the franchises all time leaders for PT's, assists etc? Haha
  4. VHL Portal - Team View

    Kind of cool. Career stats or an all-time leader board would be great.. and like an individual one for each team too to see who holds team records on teams. Anyway to do this?
  5. Gucci

    Register to the forum Teeeegz
  6. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    You'd have to cap them at the usual 175 or whatever and then only allow say 100 banked.. even then it's iffy.
  7. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    So, would this possibly caused inflated players throughout a players 8 season career? Most players start out of the gate around 200-250ish at best entering the VHL. Now they're going to be entering at 325-400 or whatever. Wouldnt this have a negative affect on the new salary brackets (or put us in the same position as before), as well as have inflated players - higher TPE totals throughout the league. We brought in a harsher update scale to prevent players from maxing out or becoming inflated, but not with this, you're essentially enabling it again.
  8. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    How would drafting work? Would a S58 player be take in the S60 draft because he spent a long time in the VHLM? Or would he be drafted in 59 but his career not start (8 seasons) until he plays in the VHL? For financing purposes, is @Victor gonna have to go into every seasonal thread until he finds when they played their first game in the VHL? Typically, it's their draft year which starts the bracket for financing. I guess fortunately in this case there's only two brackets - but if a 8 year career doesn't begin until they play in the VHL.. what if they create and are drafted in S62 but don't play until S65 in the VHLM? Is victor going off that S65? He'd have to as that's when their rookie phase would begin. That's quite a bit of extra work for each and every player. That's a pain in the ass having to search for that stuff. Unless, of course.. the VHLM Stars or whatever they are, don't have a numerical value beside them until they play their first game? Could be that.
  9. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Fair enough, man. I see the point of it for sure and I mean, while my vote would be no - If it were to be brought in, you can count me in on making a mediocre at best VHLM star hahah
  10. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

  11. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Am I missing something? If they break 200, VHL draft. Capped at 300 TPE, max stats 85-90. So a second player in the VHL for depth. No salary just counts on cap. Thanks for being so helpful @hedgehog337 Strongly against this idea. HOWEVER, If the blue team does decide to try it out and then take it away, you know I'll be making a player. People dont care about the VHLM.. when they're in it or not.. don't see how this will make them start either.
  12. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    So if the VHLM star hits 200.. were allowed to have 2 players again in the VHL? Didn't they get rid of player two? Now they're bringing it back? Where have we once brought something or someone back and it never worked out? This was proposed strictly for VHLM. So it should be capped at 125 TPA and nothing more. And 300 TPE.. that's barely a player in the new league with the update scale. The first bit of regression and they're fucked unless they bank. Again, my vote is a heavy no and I see it being something they once again get rid of. If you want two players, maybe in which case, I'm all for that (bringing back player two).
  13. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    As I've been saying lol
  14. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Maybe. That’s sorta BS then. I’d say one can only be welfare. Half the work for 2 players really is a no, no in my eyes. Most of us can claim welfare for 5 TPE though.. like @Laflamme said to me last night .. something along the lines of why would you write 500 words for 6 when you can just claim 5.. lol and he has a decent point. What’s that? A whopping 6 TPE difference a season?
  15. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    So what happens when players are in their 3rd years sitting at 150 TPE and new members are sitting at 30 TPE going against a league full of elite minor leaguers? I see the benefits to activity - but player 2 for the VHL should never have been abolished if this goes through. The option should be there for the VHL too. Same shit, different pile.