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Player Pronunciation Thread


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Guest Svoboda_3

Vojczek Svoboda = Voy-chek Svo-bo-da

Brett Slobodzian = Bret Slo-bo-gin

Emerson Hrynyk = Emm-er-son Ren-ik

Layken Heidt = Lay-ken Height

Ignatius Felternatch - Ig-nat-e-us Fel-ter-snatch

Volodymyr Rybak = Vol-od-o-meer Ri-back

Edited by Svoboda_3
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May-sin Rich-erd-sin


Jay-cub keld-sen


Mell-cum Kel-lee


Tore-stin - Schwar-itz


K-see Bra-un


Cam-rin Tay-ler


Jo-eee - Ken-drick

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Not a single person in this thread knows how to properly do a pronunciation guide. There has to be something to indicate which syllable is stressed.

Or we did it our own way.


MAY-sin Rich-ARD-sin

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