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VSN Presents: Under 250 - The Resurgence of The Mississauga Hounds


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Greetings, VHL, and welcome back to VSN Under 250, where we cover everything VHLM. Today, we'll be looking at the current VHLM rosters and their season outlook.

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The construction of this Mississauga Hounds team began well before the S79 VHLM draft, almost immediately after Mississauga lost to the underdog Miami Marauders in the season 77 Founder’s Cup finals in a 4 game sweep. GM @Zetterberg made the decision to sell off players for assets, instead of running it back with everyone who would be staying down. This set off a chain reaction of players being dealt out of Mississauga during the S77 offseason. After an abysmal season 78, Zetterberg flipped a switch where he began to acquire players for a serious run in season 79 before the VHLE expansion. Here we will break down every trade, every draft pick, and every move that the Mississauga front office has made to put together their current roster.


 Season 77 Offseason/Season 78

The first of these moves came when Tynan Sylvester would be dealt to Yukon for a S78 YUK 4th, S79 YUK 2nd, and a S80 YUK 4th. Immediately following this trade Mississauga made a couple of more deals to look to the future. The first of which sent JaredN Jr and a S78 PHI 7th to Philadelphia in exchange for a S78 HOU 3rd, S78 LVA 5th, and a S79 PHI 2nd. The next day Mississauga sent Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson and Kirby Pandora to Ottawa for a S78 OTT 3rd, S78 OTT 4th, S79 MIS 2nd, and a S79 MIS 6th. This would be the last of Zetterberg’s trades before the draft, during the draft we would start to see the beginning of the current dominant force. The first trade made sent a S78 HOU 3rd, and a S78 YUK 4th to Mexico for Jakub Brozik and a S78 MEX 7th, this was quickly followed by sending a S79 YUK 5th to Minnesota for a S78 PHI 5th, and a S78 PHI 6th. The final trade Mississauga made during the season 78 draft was sending a S78 LVA 4th, S78 MIS 4th, and a S78 MIS 5th to Las Vegas for Nathaniel Minion. Zetterberg’s final trade for a while would come in the days following the draft as Russel Dixon would join the team along with a S80 LVA 3rd from Minnesota for Miks Sunish, and a S80 MIS 4th.

During Season 78 the Mississauga Hounds would keep relatively quiet until near the trade deadline when they dealt Angel Wachiure and Kid Frost to Philadelphia for Andrew Whitemore and a S79 PHI 1st, this would be followed by Mississauga’s final trade of the season when they swapped their S80 1st with Yukon for their S79 1st. 


Season 79 Draft - Present

During a rough season 78 Mississauga would finish 10th and miss the playoffs. The season did end on a bright spot though as Mississauga would win the draft lottery allowing them to select first overall. During the season 79 draft Mississauga would make a series of trades typically trading up in the draft. The first trade would come almost immediately as they would send the S79 YUK 1st and S79 MIS 2nd to Las Vegas for a S79 LVA 1st, and a S79 SDM 2nd, following this trade they would acquire Tony Adams (4th overall pick) for the S79 MIS 3rd, and S80 MIS 2nd. Mississauga’s final trade of the draft was sending Elijah Mikaelason to San Diego for a S79 SDM 5th and a S81 SDM 4th. Before season 79 began Zetterberg would make one more trade acquiring Otto Numminen and a S80 YUK 3rd for Oskar Lindbergh, S81 MIS 2nd, and a S81 MIS 3rd. 





Tynan Sylvester

S78 HOU 3rd (Deagun Rust)

S79 YUK 2nd (Florida Man)

JaredN Jr

S78 YUK 4th (Sunrise van de Schubbekuteveen)

S80 YUK4th

S78 PHI 7th (Matthew Parn)

S79 MIS 2nd

S78 LVA 5th (James Hambly)

Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson

S79 YUK 1st

S79 PHI 2nd (Sigard Petrenko)

Kirby Pandora

S78 OTT 4th (Elijah Mikaelson)

S78 OTT 3rd (Baby Bob)

S79 YUK 5th


S78 OTT 4th (Elijah Mikaelson)

S78 LVA 4th (Alex Toon)


S79 MIS 6th (Tui Sova)

S78 MIS 4th (Kacey Burns)


Jakub Brozik

S78 MIS 5th (Eiji Kawata)


S78 MEX 7th (Layne Brewer)

Miks Sunish


S78 PHI 5th (Todd Cook)

S80 MIS 4th


S78 PHI 6th (Samuel Stephen)

Angel Wachiure


Nathaniel Minion

Kid Frost


Russel Dixon

S80 MIS 1st


S80 LVA 3rd

S79 MIS 3rd


Andrew Whitemore

S80 MIS 2nd


S79 PHI 1st (Sven Eightnine)

Oskar Lindbergh


S79 LVA 1st (Corey Kitson

S81 MIS 2nd


S79 SDM 2nd (Vinny Detroit)

S81 MIS 3rd


Tony Adams


S79 SDM 5th (Jerome Reinhart)


S81 SDM 4th


Otto Numminen


S80 YUK 3rd


Current Roster

One thing this table leaves out is Mississauga’s own picks, and how they were used. Here we’ll break down the entirety of the current Mississauga roster.and more specifically how every player was acquired. Just shy of half of the players on Mississauga's roster were their own selections, with the rest being either acquired through trade or free agents. 


C - AJ Williams, Season 79 VHLM Draft 1st Overall

RW - Baby Bob, Season 78 VHLM Draft 28th Overall from Ottawa

C - Otto Numminen, Trade from Yukon

RW - Sigard Petrenko, Season 79 VHLM Draft 20th Overall from Philadelphia

LW - Gaspar Zakrevsky, Free Agent

C - Nathaniel Minion, Trade from Las Vegas

LW - Vinny Detroit, Season 79 VHLM Draft 21st Overall from San Diego via Las Vegas

RW - Russel Dixon, Trade from Minnesota

LW - Jakub Brozik, Trade from Mexico City

RW - Florida Man, Season 79 VHLM Draft 24th Overall from Yukon

D - Andrew Whitemore, Trade from Philadelphia

D - Corey Kitson, Season 79 VHLM Draft 3rd Overall from Las Vegas

D - Sven Eightnine, Season 79 VHLM Draft 8th Overall from Philadelphia

D - Tony Adams, Trade from Ottawa

G - Luke Spinelli, Free Agent


The roster of this seasons Mississauga Hounds team is very impressive and leaves little to be desired. During the time of writing this article I was able to chat with Hounds GM Zetterberg and ask him a few questions, here’s what he said;


What were the trade talks like when you acquired Otto Numminen and Tony Adams?


“The Adams trade was pretty straight forward, I sent out an offer to Ottawa and the management team talked it over. Then a bit later came back and accepted it. The Otto trade was pretty similar, I knew I needed another Center and Yukon needed a starting goalie so I sent in an offer and we ironed out the details for a bit then finished it up.”


Who do you expect to be your biggest rival this season?


“Miami for sure, they are putting together a competitive team and because of recent events in the playoffs they are number one on my hate list. S77 sucked and I’m gonna make sure that it doesn’t repeat. I was Miami’s AGM for a while and I actually was part of the team that beat Mississauga in the finals. So it’s also a personal rivalry for me, It’d be huge to finally beat that ghost and get Mississauga its first cup.”


Do you plan to further improve your team throughout the season?


“I don’t plan on making any big moves after we start, I’m very happy with the team we have now. Improving the team will just come down to the odd waiver signing and training them and their stats up as much as possible before playoffs.”


With this roster being as put together and thought out as it is the Mississauga Hounds were clear favourites to start the season. The Hounds have broken out to a dominant season starting off 10-2-1. However, the Mexico City Kings (13-1-0) have taken the top spot and Halifax, and Philadelphia are both breathing down the Hound's neck in their own conference. Only time will tell if this team finds success or crumbles under the pressure yet again.


Players Mentioned:


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