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VHL Magazine Power Poll - To Stockholm We Go


VHL Mag Power Poll  

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For the second time in their storied history, the Vasteras Iron Eagles are relocating.


In a move that surprised most… or some… or barely anyone really, league officials and general manager Benoit Prevost (boubabi) announced that Vasteras would be relocating from Vasteras to Stockholm, Sweden as immediate as next season.


With the announcement a logo for the new team was released. The Stockholm Vikings will be the newest team on the scene in the VHL next season, hopefully having more success than the previous attempt at relocation for the Iron Eagles.


To start the new era for the Stockholm Vikings they will have two of the top four picks in the Entry Draft.


For this Power Poll though, let’s just focus on what we know about the new team so far though. Is there anything that you don’t like about the team? Does the new team name, the Vikings, bother you for any sort of reason? It’s quite popular through many leagues and may be seen as simplistic. How about the location of the team in Stockholm, Sweden. Is this an appropriate location for the newest European team? And finally, what about the logo? Is there something that bothers you about it, such as the colours of the team?


Let us know what you think about the new team as the best comments get into the Mag! 

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I greatly enjoy the new location and design for the logo, just wish it would've incorporated different colors. But either way, it looks great and I really hope this helps get the franchise off the ground.

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I think boubabi did a great job on the logo and I also like Stockholm as the teams new city, even though I didn't really mind Vasteras as a a location either. The one thing I'm not really a fan of is the team's name, I just think that "Vikings" is about the most generic name there is for a team from Sweden. It's not bad or anything like that, just very unoriginal in my opinion.

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In comparison, Vikings really isn't that bad of a name. It's generic, certainly, but it fits Stockholm, and its important to choose a name that meshes with the city, country, history, etc.  So, it has a generic feel, but way better than Meute, which is probably one of the worst names I've ever heard.  So it's not as if "Vikings" is coming in as the worst name or logo in the league.

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