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Quebec City Meute GM Change


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This is going to be quite obvious to some with my last announcement of assistant GM. I'll be stepping down at the conclusion of the Season 40 playoffs as GM of the Quebec City Meute. 


Sergey Brovalenko (METIS) will be assuming the role of GM and all the responsibilities that come with it. I believe he has the poise and knowledge to excel in this position. He also has a plethora of experienced members on the Meute roster to assist him. I know he'll do a fine job at building off what we've accomplished over the past couple seasons. I hope that this move will bring fresh ideas and youthfulness to Quebec. I'm excited  for what the future holds and I look forward to the road ahead.


Congratulations METIS! 


As for my time as GM I really enjoyed trying to turn the ship around in Quebec and speed up what could have been a lengthy rebuild. Thanks to all my teammates during that period, here's to better seasons ahead!


*disclaimer* This is nothing more then a GM change. 

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Have to say I'm a little surprised by this. I know the playoffs this season were a little rough, but you've done a great job Frank of putting together a strong team that should continue to compete within the next couple seasons. Hope to see you continue to be around the site.


Good luck going forward Kesler.

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