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Calgary Wranglers: Season 39 [1/2]

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GM: Jason Glasser (936/477/400/59/1,013)

Former GM(s): Jardy Bunclewirth (504/172/307/25/369)

Record (after S20): 1,440 GP | 649 W | 707 L | 84 OTL | 1,382 P | 4,177 GF | 4,937 GA

Playoff Record (after S20): 101 GP | 51 W | 37 L | 13 OTL | 3-1 vs TOR, 1-1 vs HEL, 1-1 vs QUE, 1-0 vs DAV, 1-2 SEA, 1-3 vs NYA


Season 39 VHL Entry Draft

Round 1, Pick 2: Koji Yamazaki @Samurai7

Round 1, Pick 9: Lukas Nykvist @Motzaburger

Round 2, Pick 12: Hudson Backenbauer @Seventy-Four

Round 2, Pick 14: Mike McGratton @Flames1848

Round 3, Pick 24: Dan Cooper @Nick


Trades (Regular Season):

To YTzfe5K.png
S41 NYA 2nd (LW Matej Nemecek)

To ewqJmFW.png
(S39) LW - Hudson Backenbauer

Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser @diamond_ace
Cologne Express GM: Alexander Schneider @RomanesEuntDomus


The Calgary Wranglers decided to cut bait with the 12th overall pick from the S39 Draft in return for a Season 41 New York 2nd Round Pick. The player who was used with that pick didn't amount to much while Hudson had a decent career in the VHL.


To YTzfe5K.png
(S32) RW - Jamie Shetler
(S33) C - GIYGAS
(S35) D - Edwin Encarnacion
S40 NYA 2nd (D Wesley Matthews)

To ewqJmFW.png
(S32) D - Mattis Trumbauer
S41 CGY 1st (RW Kyle Kingma)

Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser
Cologne Express GM: Alexander Schneider


Not much after the Backenbauer trade, GM Jason Glasser and GM Alexander Schneider came together once more but this time it was a much bigger trade. I'm not sure I follow what made Cologne make this trade. Perhaps, the older players like Shetler and GIYGAS were retiring by why throw in EE and a NYA S40 2nd? The three players for Calgary did well leading them to the playoffs for the first time in a few seasons. Trumbauer, I think didn't very much in Cologne while the Season 41 Calgary 1st didn't turn into much. Nice trade by Jason.


To IhclZ49.png
(S39) D - Koji Yamazaki

To YTzfe5K.png
(S38) RW - MF Percy Miller
S40 RIG 1st (D Vladamir Komarov)
S41 SEA 2nd (D Borje Samuelsson)
S40 QUE 3rd (LW Superbman)

Quebec City Meute GM: Frank Chadwick @Frank
Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser


Another interesting trade, maybe Koji wanted out of Calgary despite being drafted 2nd overall by the team. Jason was able to find a dance partner in Frank sending the former 2nd overall pick for MF Percy Miller (he was a character for sure), a S40 RIG 1st which turned into a good player and member and a S41 SEA 2nd and S40 QUE 3rd, those picks didn't turn into much though. Basically it was a big package deal in which just 1 player turned out for a quality VHL player despite the high draft status.


Maybe if we are lucky, in the comments, Jason can tell us what he thought about these trades and why he made them, if we are really lucky Frank Chadwick and Alexander Schneider will too.



Season 39 Regular Season - 72 GP | 37 W | 34 L | 1 OTL | 75 P | 190 GF | 211 GA

The Wranglers continued to try to accelerate the rebuild by adding Edwin Encarnacion, GIYGAS and Jamie Shetler while shipping out younger players like Koji Yamazaki and Hudson Backenbauer. he result? A playoff berth for the first time in a few seasons. The team won 37 games and had 75 points. Travis Boychuk continued his ascension to super stardom by putting up 38 goals and 91 points. Simon Tremblay proved to be a nice pick up with a 43 goal, 80 point season of his own. GIYGAS and Edwin were point per game players after being acquired in said trade. Martin Brookside was solid in net with a 0.912 save percentage and a G.A.A under 3 for the first time in his career. Things looked to be on the up in Alberta.


Season 39 Playoffs - 6 GP | 2 W | 2 L | 2 OTL

The Calgary Wranglers made the playoffs but in the playoffs had to play the 2nd ranked Seattle Bears in the quarterfinal. Many people counted the Wranglers out because of the point difference which was 12. The Wranglers won the first game in OT with GIYGAS picking up the tying goal and an assist on the GWG from Edwin Encarnacion. Brookside was near perfect with 40 saves on 41 shots. Game 2 in Seattle wasn't nearly as exciting as DA BEARS won 6-2. The next two games went to a combined 9 minutes of OT which wasn't much but the Wranglers probably felt they were out of it after 1 OT win and 2 OT losses and were now down 3-1. Encarnacion was kicked from Game 4 after beating up Karsten Olsen in OT leading to DA BEARS scoring the GWG PP goal. Rumor has it to this day, @Tagger would do it again. Going back to Seattle, the Wranglers showed signs of life making it a 3-2 series on the backs of Boychuk who had 3 assists this game and GIYGAS who had 2 goals. Game 6 back in Seattle proved to be too much though and the Wranglers fell 4-2 in Game 6 and 4-2 in the series.


Trades (off-season):

To FrRpAcc.png
S40 RIG 1st (D Vladamir Komarov)
S42 CGY 1st (C Joseph Roy III)

To YTzfe5K.png
(S33) RW - Thomas Landry @Doomsday
(S36) D - Godavari Yumalatopinto @8Ovechkin8

HC Davos Dynamo GM: Jack Reilly @CoachReilly
Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser


GM Jason comes into the offseason looking to improve his team once more taking the Devise strategy and trading picks. The previously acquired RIG 1st in the trade involving Quebec and Koji, the Wranglers trade that pick and a Season 42 CGY 1st for Thomas Landry entering his final season and Godavari to revamp the backend in Calgary. Yuma and EE on the backend looks pretty good on paper, wonder what the GM' have to think now after this trade was made almost 30 seasons in the making.


To YTzfe5K.png
(S36) D - Sami Kravinen @Wasty
S41 VAS 3rd (D Zach Voss)

To knfxFY7.png
S40 NYA 2nd (D Wesley Matthews)

Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser
Vasteras Iron Eagles GM: Benoit Prévost @boubabi


Calgary looked to continue making the defense a strong suit on the team acquiring Sami Kravinen from Vasteras for the 2nd they got in the Koji trade. Sami was a solid depth piece for most of his VHL career and I think it was a pretty even trade and you can probably say Calgary won considering that Vasty also threw in a S41 VAS 3rd.


To StPYNLI.png
(S34) LW - Simon Tremblay

To YTzfe5K.png
S41 TOR 4th (Forfeited)

Toronto Legion GM: Tyler Edgar @Edgar
Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser 


I can't quite remember which member Simon Tremblay was, I wanna say @Megster and Tremblay actually was coming off a decent season with Calgary scoring 43 goals. However, was moved to Toronto for a Season 41 TOR 4th which was later forfeited. I wonder why?


To qLXReQs.png
S41 SEA 2nd (D Borje Samuelsson)
S41 CGY 3rd (LW Valentin Taneyev)

To YTzfe5K.png
(S39) LW - Andrew Erikson

Helsinki Titans GM: Vince Wong @STZ
Calgary Wranglers GM: Jason Glasser


I don't think eQ ended up coming to this site but Andrew Erikson was his player and GM Jason moved Simon Tremblay to acquire Erikson, so this tells me he was pretty highly thought of back in Season 39 almost Season 40. The price wasn't that much a Season 41 SEA 2nd and a Season 41 CGY 3rd. Borje Samuelsson in my memory was a VHLM legend while Valentin Taneyev didn't amount to much. Another win for Jason and his team building on paper.






Simon Tremblay breaks into the 14 in team scoring through 19 seasons which is quite the accomplishment. He also becomes the 16th player to break 200 points. Travis Boychuk @DollarAndADream is doing well in his two season with 194 points which places him 17th on the list. GIYGAS @.sniffuM comes back after his hiatus from the team and sits right behind Boychuk in 18th with 192 points. Tony Stark is more than a point per game with 75 points (don't remember the member for Stark), EE sits around 50th with 54 points in 51 games. Martin Brookside climbs to 3rd in wins with 60 while his losses are 2nd behind one pedophile.


GIYGAS moves to 6th in playoff scoring with 35 points in 40 games, Tremblay is tied for 13th with 15 points in 20 games. The rest are near the bottom of the lists after playing their first playoff games with the team as well as Brookside who is last in wins after his first playoff series with the team.


Calgary Wrangler Player Stats

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5 hours ago, Motzaburger said:

I am so so sorry lol - I did look like I was gonna be good though

It's fine - in those days, the drafts were so thin that looking like you might have any chance at all was probably fine at 9th pick.

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On 11/12/2019 at 7:46 AM, TheLastOlympian07 said:

Encarnacion was kicked from Game 4 after beating up Karsten Olsen in OT leading to DA BEARS scoring the GWG PP goal. Rumor has it to this day, @Tagger would do it again.

My only regret is that I didn't do it in more games.


I remember this season pretty well cause it was easily Edwin's best season to date and was the only one where I got Labatte votes (think the fact I was close to 30 points behind Low but still got those summed up how much of a defensive beast Edwin was). I've actually recorded a VHL Radio covering this season myself, think I'll be releasing it in about 3 weeks time!


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Really cool to see how the season played out for Calgary back in S39. Interesting flash back to the days when Motza was a player before coming back. The formatting was perfect and it's easily one of the top media spots I've ever had to review. Great work!

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