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VHL Top 25 Players, Part IV: 15-11


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VHL Top 25 Players

Part IV: 15-11


Welcome back. I don't this list needs an introduction anymore. Here's part 4 of 6 of our much debated top 25 players in the VHL. Let's see if people disagree with this part as much.


15. Elias Dahlberg


Elias Dahlberg has never returned to his S65 form, but he has quietly been one of the most consistent players in the VHL. After his 105 point season, he has scored 70+ points in the next three seasons, including 35+ goals in all three seasons. Depending on how Riga’s lines are set up, he will be playing with either Ryan Kastelic or Rauno Palo, as well as the possibility of playing alongside elite winger Pat Svoboda. Either way, he will get an elite centre, but if he plays on the same line as Svoboda, his fantasy value goes way up, specifically if he plays with Kastelic. Kastelic is a pass-first centre, so look for Riga’s lineups before taking Dahlberg early. Dahlberg’s lone weakness is his skating, but it is most likely going to be back to normal after he recovers from depreciation. Dahlberg can be counted on for a solid 75 point campaign with the potential for 40 goals, but fantasy owners will want more value if they are going to spend a top 15 pick on him. Look for Dahlberg as an F2/high-end F3 come draft time.



14. Mikko Aaltonen


Mikko Aaltonen is the best player on DC Dragons who still doesn’t have the roster to support him. That said, after he was traded away from Riga, he was able to shine as the true number one forward. There sure is a difference between playing for a bottom feeder team in DC and a contender in Riga, but the production itself shows that his role in Riga didn’t allow him to have the recognition he deserves. With 78 points in 72 games, he made a case for him to be considered as one of the best players in the league. Yes, it is not clear if he is going to be able to sustain this level of production and if DC will be able to put other great players around him. So for now, we have to hope his elite skating ability will be able to put himself in a position to score.



13. Tzuyu


Tzuyu has been the face of the Toronto Legion since getting selected by them in the Season 63 Entry Draft. She appears as the 13th ranked player in the league, but that only ranks her 7th in her own draft class, meaning six other Season 63 draftees are set to be named as one of the best 12 players in the VHL. That's not to say the K-pop star turned defenseman has disappointed, as she's been a constant offensive performer, exceeding the 70-point mark in every season but her rookie campaign. She had a career-high of 87 points (21 goals and 66 assists) in Season 65, which led to her being selected as the recipient of the Alexander Valiq Trophy. Tzuyu has also been a valuable defensive asset for her team, averaging 140 shots blocked per season, with a career-high of 160 last season. This led to her being on the Jake Wylde Trophy more than once, though she could never cap it off by writing her name on it. As she enters the penultimate season of her career, she's expected to be lightly hit by depreciation, but she will still help the Legion with her dangerous shot from the blueline and all-star level defensive abilities. 



12. Alexander Pepper


Entering his seventh year as the backbone to a consistently dominant Helsinki team, Alexander Pepper has withstood age very well. Being consistently a top goaltender in this league isn’t easy and though the league has seen an influx of high-end goaltenders recently, Pepper is still considered amongst the best.  Having won at least 38 games in the last five seasons, and an overall VHL win total of 233 has left Pepper looking towards the Hall of Fame. Entering this season as depreciation continues to hit him, we expect him to still be a dominant force between the pipes for Helsinki. His first game this season will be his 400th career game for Helsinki in what has turned out to be an incredible career. We expect this to be his last season ranked this high as he ages but for one more season at least, expect nothing short of spectacular from this man.



11. Rylan Peace


Rylan Peace probably is one of the most underrated forwards in the league right now. In his career Peace has had moments when his amazing ability on offensive end really showed. S65 through S67 he averaged over 92 points. Last season was clearly a dropoff in terms of production and without high-end talent, around Peace, we cannot say for sure if he will ever turn back to his previous self. That being said, he has all the tools necessary to be not only the top-line centre for Toronto team that will try to push for playoffs this upcoming season, he also will be their defensive juggernaut on the forward end. One thing that could make him a worse player is his ability to move the puck as his puck handling skills are fairly low, but with high scoring ability and defensive IQ, we hope to see Rylan perform on a superb level and close to the top of the league.



Do you agree with the placement of these five? Probably not, so please be vocal about it in the comments and tell me who should have made it here instead. And be sure to tune in tomorrow at an undetermined time for the 5th part of the list, where we'll cover players ranked from 10th to 5th.


Players mentioned: @Nykonax, @Enorama, @jRuutu, @StamkosFan, @GRZ, @tfong@Sonnet, @Peace


VSN Writer McWolf

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