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Founder's Cup Finals GM 6: Minnesota Storm vs. Ottawa Lynx

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Well boys this is a big one for me, nearly four and a half seasons in the making and we top the league in regular and post season in my first cup ever.


Firstly to @Poptart and @FrostBeard (now @Sonnet because free tag), congrats to both of you for forming teams that made the playoffs, apologies for the stomping.
Secondly, @Acydburn and @HulkHogan while you are my teammates that meant nothing this series. I applaud you guys for making it to the finals, especially with a very strong (1st in ELO) San Diego team. What you guys did this season is to be celebrated and cheered about, you played a hell of a series. 


Last but not least to all my guys in Minnesota, congratulations to you all. I rode you guys hard and I knew I was taking a risk in doing so, but rather than fold you guys kept earning and longing for that cup. The feeling after back to back sweeps was awesome but we all took that step back as we watched the OTT-SDM series slug it out. We were shown that we weren't untouchable right away and that just pushed us harder. 

You guys earned this, time to eat and drink your fill as we have a feast in Valhalla for this season is over and the Minnesota Storm are your S70 Champions!!!


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