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[S74] - - Team USA Rosters & Discussion

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:usa: Team USA Rosters :usa:


Scott Greene - C -  @DoktorFunk

Benny Graves - C - @STZ

Thomas Landry II - W - @Doomsday

Robin Winter - W - @Sonnet

Erik Draven - W - @Jbeezy76

John Merrick - W - @Steve


D E F E N S E 

Michael Gary Scott - D - @Motzaburger

General Zod - D - @Matt_O

Randy Marsh - D - @oilmandan

Tony Bolonee - D - @Tbeez99


G O A L I E S 

Raymond Bernard - G - @Mr_Hatter

Stone Wolski - G - @DollarAndADream


Congratulations! You have been selected to represent your player nation, Team USA, at the S74 World Cup of Hockey tournament. We kind of have a nice mixture of young, in the middle and older players on the team and have a great group of members to make up the roster this season. I do feel like Team USA is built nicely in all areas and we're going to have a fun time chasing gold together. Best of luck to us and all the other teams and members taking part in this fun tournament!


If you want, join the WCoH Discord: https://discord.gg/r99tUpFH :) 



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