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S75 WJC Team World Roster

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S75 WJC Team World Roster

"United as One"



(Big thanks to @Zetterberg for the graphic)


Before I formally announce the roster for this season's WJC, allow me to make a statement. Have you ever wondered why? Why do you align yourself with a single nation or continent? Is it because you are proud of where you come from? Is it because that place is the only place you've ever been too? Let me ask you this. If you were able to, would you be a part of something bigger? Humanity for centuries has been divided amongst themselves. Fighting amongst one another for more often than not, arbitrary reasons. People tend to forget that, we're all living on the same planet. We're all the same. Sure you may look different, but in the end, we're all human. And this is what Team World represents. A team not united by country or by continent, but united by the World we live in. Where you come from doesn't matter when we're all united as one team, one World. So without any further delay, let me now introduce this season's Team World Roster!




(Feel free to listen to the video as you read this season's players)



C - Pistil Stamen @DMaximus

C - Jivere Zolnek @Sixersfan549

C - Phoenix Dawson @Toast

LW - Lenny Sanderson @Gally

RW - RJ Thatcher @jhatty8

RW - Peter Louis II @CosmicStorm

RW - Thomas King @Duddy

RW - Caitlyn Catowize @CrazyCaityCat

RW - Andy Nexber @Domino Draws



D - Linus Zetterstrom @Ledge_and_Dairy

D - Chicken Wing @chikn

D - The Blob @JorgTheGoat03

D - Clinton Giftopoulos @Thranduil



G - Kunibuni UnGuri @Berocka

G - Trent Gibson @Caboose30


Discord Link:


I would wish everyone the best of luck in this tournament, but we have a gold medal to win so everyone can all go lick a frozen stop sign and eat oatmeal raisin cookies.

(Asia is partially exempt from this as leftover buddies. Still need to go lick a frozen stop sign though.)

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