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S75 Champions Banner Vote

Banner Contest  

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Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their submissions. This was a very tough group to whittle down, as there were several strong submissions.


After deliberation, the blue team has decided on these 3 finalists:



  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/709875341094682665/800781929460531240/Banner_contest.png
  2. VuEI2qA.png
  3. hBbFOho.png
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2 minutes ago, McWolf said:

1 does not load


1 minute ago, Viperxhawks19 said:

I can't see the 1st one.


1 minute ago, domg5 said:

We can’t see the first picture



Was working for me, but I changed the link. Work now?

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  • Commissioner
3 minutes ago, McWolf said:



2 minutes ago, Ricer13 said:

Not loading 


Re-uploaded on my own imgur, should load as #3 now?

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#1 and #3 are my favorites.  I like #1 a lot but the think that put me off was the choice of font to be honest. So I voted #3, I like the lighting and text a lot there.  Obviously the S74 would have to be changed lol

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These are all incredible! Amazing job to the three finalists!


My vote went to the second one because the logos are clean, the S75 font is nice and it puts the focus on a milestone season, and I like the idea of commemorating the champion payers. However, this took nearly 10 minutes of thought, and I really love the other two. Fantastic job.

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Kudos to all the artists - amazing job! They are all strong graphics with their own unique style and I like them all. Went with #1 as I really appreciate the jersey work and putting Hylands's name on the back is a nice touch. #2 is soooo close though as well - love that look, too!

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