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NYA/COL ; S38 off-season


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To New York:

LW - Riley Stevens (S33)

S39 Cologne 1st (4th Overall)

S39 Riga 1st (7th Overall)

S40 Cologne 2nd


To Cologne:

LW - Logan Laich (S37)

RW - Jakob Linholm (S37)

S40 NYA 2nd

S41 NYA 2nd


I accept.  Fuck Romanes..that is all.


Devise is my boy but yeah to me this is a deal that works now and more importantly in the future.  I want to wish him the best of luck and I know Laich will have a probably average career with Cologne.  Linholm unfortunately left us but yeah..overall this was a bitch to negotiate.


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Yeah, fuck you Chris, Jericho > you any day of the week!


In all seriousness though, thank you to Chris and the New York Americans for getting this deal done :). It took a really long time and some very intense negotiations, but I think in the end it was worth it.


I know that this is a big risk for us as we are giving up two good young players who have the potential to be stars in this league for years to come. But I think we already have a ton of talent in the pipeline from the previous two draft, what the organisation is lacking a bit though are proven VHL-characters, people who have been in this league for a long time and know a lot of people. Adding Devise will be a huge factor in changing that and he isn#t just a great and well-respected member of this league but also has a player with huge potential, who I expect to really have a breakout year :)


We also add a nice reclamation project in Jakob Linholm, who only seems to be an inactive right now but if he returns could be another nice piece to add to this roster. Both Chris and I have no idea why he hasn't been around anymore all of a sudden, we hope nothing happened to him in real life and that we seem him around here again soon!


And last but not least, we have a contract extension to announce:


S37 - LW Logan Laich

S40: $2 500 000

S41: $2 500 000

S42: $2 500 000

S43: $2 250 000

S44: $2 250 000


Welcome to the Cologne Express Jakob Linholm and Logan Laich!!!

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I realize some may say Chris "fleeced" Romanes, however I don't think this was that far off fair value. Was it fair value? No. But do people forget that Jericho got traded for 6 picks, including 2 firsts? Sure they were later firsts but if semi active players in this league with 300+ TPE go for a 1st these days, GM's are going to ask for a 1st for not just the super active members like myself but members who a GM like Chris knows he has a player in.


My sim results are my sim results and anyone looking at that as an attribute to how high this deal was is silly. We never look at that in the VHL. A 800 TPE player is an 800 TPE player. Smyl struggled forever when he had less TPE but now look at him. I have a feeling I'll have a breakout season with Cologne.


Thank you to Chris for trading me to the team I wanted to go to. I made no bones about this on the Pajodcast, or anywhere I posted. I wanted to spend the entire career of Laich to one team, Cologne as my top choice. Obviously Chris picked me up and that didn't work out. But I can adjust, and I was prepared to sign long term with New York however I was able to end up to the team on the top of my list. I look forward to being a big piece in an expansion team that deserved much better than it's first 10 seasons in the league. Look forward to playing with a great member and leader in Romanes and some solid core players like Blaine Olynic/Homesick, and Ron World Peace/Stevo. 

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