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  1. Pierogi Tuxedo

    HIRING: VHLM The Magazine Writers

    I'd like to give this a try, I can
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    Rhett Stoffiday Press Conference

  3. Pierogi Tuxedo

    Alex Pepper Interview

    Guys, Guys! I brought sandwiches!
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    Settling for Silver

    Get it! It's yours for the taking!
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    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Golden Knights Legend Vadim Shipachyov!
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    The S62 Devereux Trophy talk

    I'm just over here enjoying my snacks, watching this unfold.
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    Ryuu Crimson Buys a New Crib

    Makin' that good money now!
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    Stoffiday Presser

    Well, I'd love to play for the Calgary Wranglers, in honor of my dad, who played for the Las Vegas Wranglers. I think it would be a cool experience.
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    Stoffiday Presser

    Please ask me anything your heart desires!
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    VHLM Newsletter - Seventh Edition

    Another amazing job on the newsletter! I love these things!
  11. Father of Yukon Rush Goalie Rhett Stoffiday passes away at 53. Las Vegas, Nevada—Lincoln “Link” Stoffiday, Goalie of the Las Vegas Wranglers from 2000-2004, has passed away. He was 53. He is the father of starting Goaltender Rhett Stoffiday of the Yukon Rush. Link, as he was known to his teammates, was known as a strong leader, and a rock in the Wrangler’s Locker Room during his tenure, and would often bring his young son Rhett out onto the ice during practices. Link was also a mainstay during home games for the Yukon Rush, cheering on his son any chance he got. He is survived by his only son Rhett. When asked about his father, Rhett replied: “My dad was my hero, and for so long, he was my coach too. He’s watched every single hockey game I’ve ever played. He used to say, “I’m the dad of Rhett Stoffiday! The best goalie ever!” but I think from now on, I’m gonna say I’m the son of Link Stoffiday, the best dad ever.” No arrangements have been made at this time.
  12. Pierogi Tuxedo

    GM 202: Saskatoon Wild vs. Yukon Rush

    Killed it!
  13. Pierogi Tuxedo

    Wanted: VHLM Expansion GM

  14. Pierogi Tuxedo

    Wanted: VHLM Expansion GM

    Name: Rhett Stoffiday Team Idea: Music City Miracles Team Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow Why you want the job: I'd like to learn the ropes of building a franchise and how to lead a team to victory! @Beaviss
  15. Pierogi Tuxedo

    Issue III

    Hey, at least they still sew on our jersey numbers!