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TOR/SEA; S58 Off-Season


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7 minutes ago, ADV said:

While given hindsight I would never have signed that long-term deal..I'll waive it to not hold up either GM in their Off-Season journeys.


As a former GM, I understand how frustrating that can be.

Good show. Thanks, ADV and welcome to SEA! 

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Thank you to Dexter Lane for your services. You provided great shut-down defense for all of your seasons in Toronto. I didn't think I would ever trade you, but my window is closing and I need to go for it. Unfortunately, you were one of the names people wanted. Good luck in Seattle.


Welcome to the team, Jokinen and Fook Yu!

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Thanks to everybody in Seattle for the warm welcome and great season overall, shame we could not win the cup. Good luck next season, I know you guys will be up there again, but unfortunately - Toronto is going to win ;)





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4 hours ago, Green said:

Welcome ADV, and happy to be here with Warlock as well. Never even gotten the locker room for Toronto with him, so he was like the shit player they never wanted in the first place.

Don't say that. I kind of assumed you had access though so that's my bad. 


I drafted you for a reason, like the others I draft. Just so happens I'm going for it hard this season and had to give stuff up. 

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