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The Last Komarov


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With the announcement of Evgeni being traded out of Moscow, much to his displeasure. Effective as soon as i can find out how to on portal, Evgeni Komarov will be retiring from professional hockey. It has been a wild ride, it all started with Vladimir Komarov who rose through the ranks and is still in Davos record books and the toughest bastard to play there. Then came Pavel Komarov he is still to this point my most disappointing player, i got overwhelmed as a first time GM, and neglected him he also switched positions at a bad time due to team need. 


Then came my best player Sergei Komarov he was a force on both ends of the ice a product of all my best work. He was a special player who sadly never reached a good plateau because he was stuck in the era of some of the greatest TPE whore. Last up is Evgeni Komarov, the player i wanted to be got scrapped when a team in Russia finally happened. I turned away abit from being a true goon player to help the team win a cup.


I did it all for the team, sadly i had to go MIA with my first born being diagnosed with brain cancer its taken a toll on me my wife and daughter. Which led to the trade as i was a deadweight veteran. 


I want to thank everyone, that has had a good impact on my time here. I apologize if i forget anyone.


@STZ @Victor @CoachReilly@der meister@BluObieZ @Spade18 @gorlab


First of coachreilly you were my first ever GM with Davos its a shame we could never reach the top together. Took a gamble on a poor english speaking Russian. 


Second Bluobiez you challenged me, part of me hates having caved to you cuz Davos maybe wouldnt have been a mess after pushing to keep you. But it made for a fun ride all the same that almost ended in a cup.


Third is STZ the guy who drafted me the highest ill ever go. Sadly we just like Rielly just could not get over the hump and win a cup together


4th is the duo of Spade and Der meister, probably the two teammates who stood out the most in my time. Probably cuz we came up in juniors together, then played most of our pro years together too. Sucks we got close but never hit the peek.


Next is victor i mainly thank you for finally getting russia back in the league. Shame we could never win a cup either seems to be a theme teams getting close but never winning. 


Last is gorlab, you built a great player in jags and seemed motivated to be a top dog since joining keep it up.


For those i have forgotten to mention im sorry, many ive talked to some i helped shape there careers. I wish the VHL the best 



Sasha Orlov 

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Sorry to hear about your personal situation and good luck. Thank you for being a good sport at all times here and for your time in Moscow - shame it ended the way it did.



You can retire your player in the same part where you update him.

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