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  1. Ladies and germs it's time! for what? well Orion has a goal of getting a cup in every season that he plays in. Helsinki is the favorites by far heading into the playoffs and Orion looks to be well on his way to be 1 for 1 in his goal. It will be very interesting to see how many cups Orion finishes his career with but for now people should take this in for the entertainment value. Orion will for sure about every win, goal this upcoming playoffs and players on other teams will for sure be looking to knock that smirk off his face like the annoying fuck that he is, but if you ask Orion if he is worried about the extra coverage he says "Look, I know that other teams hate me. Sure I am not the best on the team, but I will for sure rub it in your face every time I score, every time that I am on the ice you will want to shut me up, But I won't so Invite you to come and try to stop me. Try to injure me, try to stop me from being a pest, try and stop me from winning the cup. You will fail at it all. "
  2. 1) The Titans clinched the Victory Cup with a good number of games to spare. What does that say about this year's roster? Um... We're amazing? 2) How many Titans will end up leading in their respective categories by the end of the season (goals, assists, points)? All of them 3) Do you treat these last few games any differently than the ones that mattered? Lol no, I think we take it easy. Play with our opponent like a dog with a chew toy 4) What's the #1 thing Helsinki needs to fix in practice, going into playoffs? How much blow we do. Needs to be doubled. 5) Which would look the best for a crowd of Finland fans- whiteout, blackout, or all-blue? White. We could could call it Montana Mountain. 6) Home ice is usually an advantage come playoff time. Does it help to play in front of a crowd that's cheering you on? Fuck yeah. Why wouldn't it?
  3. They say one year older one year wiser. But do I really feel wiser today? Nope

  4. Short Bus happened. I literally gathered all the most hated people around the league on the same team. It was epic. The part that didn't happen was the Idaho Potatoes
  5. As insane as it sounds but the Idaho Potatoes were almost going to be a thing. If you do not know what I am talking about read my just posted MS “Whoops Did I do that” Or just continue to read this. Back when I was the NY GM my end game plan was to move (or try to) the team yet again to a small shithole town in Idaho and call them the Potatoes. Then I would have had a fire sale of all players “setting them free” and then quit as the GM. The team would have gone onto becoming the joke of the league. I would have had many seasons of laughter out of it. Why didn’t I end up doing it? Well partly because I built up so much ill will with every GM in the league that no one wanted to trade with me even if I was looking to get slaughtered in trades. I was looking to fall on my sword just so I could get one last laugh. But looking back I am happy that I didn’t do this because NY has become the premiere team in the VHL and don’t you fucking doubt it.
  6. The continuation of the Robbie Retirement chugs along like a well oiled machine. Like your mom on her knees when she made you… I mean on her back… NO! doggy style getting plowed by your daddy like the slut she is. Yep that sounds better. Anyways this week is something I call Whoops Did I do that? If you do not know what that Is from then you are an idiot or just young. This is going to be addressing rumors about me that popped up through the years and I will come clean if I did it, said it and or helped in it. Robbie=Anderson or Anderson=Robbie Truth: Robbie is Robbie and not the asianic fuck that is Anderson No people I am not Anderson. I did not create hundreds of accounts/players just to dick around. I was never that into the league to put that much time into so I can do all that. Sure I like to fuck around but that’s like next level shit. Offered to be people’s agent just to fuck teams Truth: Partly true but I didn’t offer One day many moons ago someone (I won’t say who) messaged me to see if I would be his players “agent” because he liked how I fucked around and hunted for money. I said I would do it just for the fuck around factor. I had no intention to negotiate in good faith. I was going to fuck certain teams and just have fun with it. I posted on the site offering my services after this one guy gave me the idea. I think I had maybe three, four clients. It came down crumbling when teams refused to negotiate with me and with directly to the player. My planned fuck around was foiled. Short Bus was not the real end goal in NY Truth: Partly true While me building a team of the unwanted players was always the goal and I achieved it, the overall plan was to actually move the team (or attempt) to move it to bum fuck nowhere Idaho or whatever, trade my players and quit as GM. As on last symbolic fuck you. Like those suicide cults. Kinda glad I didn’t do this. Because the Americans have become the premiere franchise in the league. Not the Hamilton Canucks or the Idaho Potatoes (was gonna be the teams name) VHL Armageddon Pact Truth: Yes it happened, Hell I started it. Most of you must be like WTF because I don’t think this was a well known thing. Hell not even sure if the rumors got out. But I do know at least two three ex blue crew that messaged me to stand down. Basically what happened was I gathered a bunch of people that agreed to start a massive thread. An argument thread in a massive attempt to get all banned. We had lots of people who agreed to do this. Pretty much it would have nuked the VHL because by banning all these people the league was killing itself. Why didn’t it happen? I think it was around the time just before my 3rd disappearance. I just lost interest in coming on and I left for like a year. Right when we were planning a day when it would happen. When I returned the members that agreed to do it, either left the site or fell in love with it again. So the creator of the idea was also the killer of the idea. Sorry boys, was looking forward to it but then I got bored. Other quik rumors My attempt to buy the league was my attempt to gain power. Partly true. I wanted “ownership” so I can threaten to shut the site down then have people beg me not to shut it down. In the end I would have shut it down. Agreed to take over for another GM. Yes this is true I agreed to GM yet again and it looked like it was going to happen till the league stepped in and said they didn’t want to have short bus 2.0 happen. Plans for 2nd GM reign was to destroy all. Yep. I was going to show everyone that I was a great GM and wanted to basically build what now would be known as the “Patriots” of the VHL. Sadly I was not allowed to take over and many seasons/years later I got my chance to do it in Vegas. I destroyed the league and people didn’t like it. 2nd year Vegas plan was to shatter previous years records. Yep. Once again. While teams conspired to trade all their players to one team in effort to stop me in my record breaking season (A fact I found cute and was well aware of due to my moles in the league) I had deeper plans for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th season as GM. Where I had talks with GM’s where they would trade me their good players for high picks. They got high picks and I got players that would have helped me dominate. Simple as that. But I was fired because I was an asshole. Didn’t want to play my backup goalie and some other idiot because they sucked. Cry me rivers boys. I once felt bad for a member on the site. Partly true? I don’t know. I forget who it was but they posted some sob story of shit that they were going through and I thought to myself. Imma go in there and disturb shit. I went in read the og post and was like… damn if I do this… I will get perma banned. So I didn’t do it. See, I have morals. Well… partial morals because I didn’t want to get perma banned. I didn’t stop myself because the niceness of my heart. There is not nice in Robbie, only evil. I’m actually a nice guy. Nope not true. Hope you enjoyed this. Post anymore you want me to confirm or deny.
  7. 1. Pepper 2. Focused on the cup. Period. End of story. 3. Um. they produce? 4. A god never worries. We let the little mortals believe they have chance then you smite them 5. Offense. You score a ton of goals, the other team needs to match that just to tie. If you are more defense then you have to worry about scoring that 1-2 goals that it will take to win games. 6. Blues
  8. Sure! I'm the reason why the team is in Vegas. I destroyed the league with a record breaking team. Won the championship. Got fired for being an asshole right after. I can help you get championships.
  9. Should have been me. I was the most experienced
  10. Forget evil superman because that is just fucking stupid and bad. Enter the true bad super human. Orion Slade. Ever since you started hearing about him you heard that he has super powers and that he maybe a god. We do not know if he is a god or not but the dude is legit not a good guy. Today there was a bank robbery in Helsinki and video has surfaced of a man literally fly into the bank and literally leave in the just as fast as he came. Now I am no scientist but this man who clearly has super human powers that is in Helsinki... i'll let you come to the conclusion yourself. Police are trying to slow down the frame rate of the video to see the mans face, but so far have not been able to find a computer that can do it. We have no even evidence to show that Orion is behind this. Fans even point out that he does not have to rob banks since he makes lots of money. But keep in mind he is a Robbie Zimmers client. So they are a greedy breed of player. When asked by police if he did it Orion said "If I did, I would love to see you stop me. But I didn't so you are safe...for now" If that does not sound like a guilty person then you are insane. Do not call this man a super hero. He is a super piece of shit.
  11. Claiming this a 2nd time
  12. 1) Six games, six wins in a row. How are the Titans keeping things so hot in Finland? Finish Cocaine. Ever seen a coke addict not sweating? 2) The Finnish national team recently brought home an IIHF Gold Medal, is that a motivator for the VHL Titans? No 3) What's been your strangest interaction with a fan? Some dude named @Ahma came up to me to ask me to help him look for his lizard 4) Up until now, what's been your favorite moment as a player in the VHL/VHLM? Winning two founders cups 5) If you could give the Titans a goal song, what would it be? Woop there it is 6) If the VHL were to hold a special outdoor game, who would you give it to and where? Vegas because it's fucking Vegas
  13. FYI my last few players I said maybe they will be my last. This player was the first player (and last) where I said 100% is my last
  14. 1) Our defense has been unstoppable, but our offense has been hit or miss. What do you think is the key to success on the offensive side of the puck? Um... scoring goals? 2) All-star votes will no doubt start showing up in a few weeks. Who's your early Helsinki favorite for the nod? I would say me but I doubt that. Other then that I don't know because I don't pay attention to stats for people that are not me. 3) What does your ideal Helsinki alternate jersey look like? I don't really care tbh. A jersey is a jersey. 4) We've been able to maintain our spot at the top of the standings. How do you like our chances for the Victory Cup, for the best overall record in the league? I will be hoisting the cup this season so yeah. That's our chances. 5) What is your player usually doing during their day off? Partying and fucking girls in their five holes 6) Who have been some of your favorite line mates so far this year? Who are my line mates?
  15. Orion Slade has made the roster of Team USA for the world juniors to the surprise of no one. USA is probably the dead on favorite to straight up slaughter this years tournament. Their offence is straight up scary, they will score goals in literal tons. Orion Slade will be a big reason why. Orion who now plays for the VHL’s Helsinki Titans is looking to showcase his talents to the rest of the league because after winning a cup this season with Helsinki he plans to opt out of the third season of his contract just so he can hop from team to team till he hangs up the skates. He’s had a okay season so far as a rookie but not ROTY worthy like he claimed that he would have. But that’s ok with him because if you ask him it’s not the personal achievements that he is chasing. It’s the cups. “Sure I said shit about maybe being the rookie of the year this season but as long as I am hoisting the cup this season then I will be the last person laughing. I have one goal in my career and intend on trying to win as many cups as I can with different teams that I can. You will grow to hate seeing me hoist it”
  16. Continuing the long goodbye of Robbie Zimmers. This week it’s something so hate filled that it only can be told by the true king fuck face himself Robbie Fucking Zimmers. So sit back and enjoy. Or hate it because it is about the hate that he has built up through the years. If you are new or have lived under a fucking rock over the last few years then you maybe do not know Robbie or have heard of his antics that other just cringe from. No this is not a recap of what he has done. That already has been partly covered by the MS “The Art of the Argument” and will also be looked into in later ms’s. Robbie the one name that has more than half the league think long and hard about play on his team, reading his articles and listening to his podcasts. But why is that. One man cannot be that bad. Surely Robbie is a stand up kind of mother fucker that you can rely on when shit hits the fan. Well yes, when an argument happen you can almost bet on that he will jump in if he did not start that fight. Maybe not these days but that’s more or less because he is bored. The truth behind Robbie is that people have had to put up with him for years now and some people just cannot stand him and his so called “ways” to the point many have refused to be drafted by teams that he was on, they have demanded trades, refused to sign with said teams. So much so that’s GM’s of these teams asked Robbie to either apologize or promise to be not so “Robbie” Now you could probably guess how well a conversation can go when you are telling Robbie to not be “Robbie” so these players would come play for the team. Robbie basically told all GM’s asking him to cut down the Robbie way to a low simmer to tell the players that are doing this to shove it. They were complaining that he was a locker room cancer but were pulling stunts like this themselves. Robbie didn’t shy away from pointing out the irony behind their comments and what they were doing. He also was very quik to point out that people who played on teams with him would go to bat for him and call him a great team mate. A fact that people just downright hated. Which added to hate for this king of chaos. Now if you were one of the people that didn’t complain about him being on a team you wanted to play for then you may have been rubbed the wrong way when he would literally leave your team in the lurch and opt out of a contract just to fuck around. In something he called the Robbie 1 2 or just Free Agency Fuckery. While the people that hated him would claim no one would sign him once he hit the market, it would never happen. Robbie always had plenty enough offers to do what he wanted. He wanted to make spectacle and he wanted to rub your face through it. He made sure you knew that he was free agent. He told teams to make pitches to him as to why he should play for their team. He wanted to be catered to, just to show the haters that not only he has teams interested but players from said teams would beg him to play for them. Now if all that did not piss you off then one hundred percent it was because of the argument threads he started just to fuck with people. I will not go into detail about them but some went over fifty pages and some resulted in a week long ban. These threads had people begging and pleading the league to permaban him. Something they never did. A fact that for sure pissed off the haters to no end. Oher people were banned for far less and here was the league’s biggest pest ever never getting the ban hammer. A fact that even surprised Robbie after some of the shit he did. Sometimes some of the shit he would say would literally read like he was begging for the hammer and the league to some extent let him stay around and do what he wanted. But did slap him on the wrist with weeklong bans as a warning. Warning Robbie never took seriously. Clearly because he kept doing it. Love him or hate him you can admit that he was the king or stirring the pot and making people angry. These days he does not care enough to it anymore. Too bad. It would be fun. Maybe on his last ever day around the board.