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  1. Cause I want to. The end.
  2. 1. If we won the cup this season, would you be shocked? 2. If you and Orion go out for dinner, who pays for the tab? 3. What does the team have to do at the deadline to give them a legit shot at a cup this season? 4. If you could sit down with any 3 VHL legends who would it be? 5. If you were the GM of the Legion what is the first move you would make? 6. What is the teams biggest problem this season? 7. In a important game, down 1 with 5min left who on the team will put the team on their back and try to get the win? 8. Same situation. Who should be benched in that scenario? 9. What is your favorite part of the city of Toronto? 10. What part do you avoid? why?
  3. The "snow storm" that hit Toronto today, which really is more like a ice storm saw people help others out with their stuck cars, shoveling driveways and everything else. Normal things for Canadians right? well While the Toronto Legion went around shoveling driveways to help people need. One player, did not help actually what he did was downright an asshole move. Orion Slade drove around following the team in a snow plow that he bought for "shits a gigs" Well he didn't help with it. In fact he would drive up to a mound of snow and fill the driveways back over and build up the snow banks at the end of the driveways. Not only did he do this, he paid a team of people to use their snow blowers to help his efforts to stop his teams efforts. Yes you read that right, Orion hires people to use their snow blowers to slow down his hockey team. But none of which was done surprises anyone. Orion is widely viewed as a selfish player. One that only care about himself. In this case, he only cared about his own amusement. Which has left some fans saying thank fuck he is only here for one season.
  4. It's been a while since a Orion Slade movie hit the big screen, mostly because production wanted to put way too much into a two hour film. Well you are in luck, the next Orion Movie which the title of has been a closely kept secret, will be the longest on yet. When asked about the movie, Producer and Director Robbie Zimmers said that "The movie is one epic ride. We had some last second issues with a villain that now has a much smaller role in the movie, but that's what happens when you want to dick around and be a little bitch that caters to others. The movie it's self is the best production that I have put on and it will make you want more. But if I do another one, it will be hard to live up to this one. This may actually be the last ever "Robbie Movie" which also includes shows. So enjoy this one, since it may just be the last time you actually enjoy anything in your little meaningless life" If that does not hype you up for the movie, then you are sad sack and dumb ass that wouldn't know anything good even if it walked up to you and smacked you.
  5. John Hockton Well if the last part of this was any indicator of how this will go, then this should be a wild ride of questions that don't really get answered and a bunch of obscene language that you will be warned for. So why should we even continue this. Robbie Zimmers Because fuck you! that's why! now start with the questions fuck face John Hockton Okay... How about why are you such an asshole? right from the get go you just were that guy everyone hated. Why not tone yourself down and just go with the flow? Robbie Zimmers Well look at you and your multi level question. Trying to sneak two questions into one. Too bad for you, that I am smarter than you. So to the questions. Why am I the way that I am? why am I a fake person and hide my true feelings about shit? Well that's easy, its because I don't hide behind fake persona's, I have an ego a mile wide. So why hide that? I know that I am better than everyone here. Some people more so then others. They hate that. They hate the fact that they weren't born with a silver spoon, they are mad that I rub it in, they are mad that they can't have the life that I have. Boo Hoo for you. Deal with the hand that you got, because I deal with mine with a god damn pleasure. Why on earth would I not gloat? just so I can make you feel better about your shitty situation? That's not my job. That's your parents, wife's or husbands job. If you can't realize that then you are more stupid then I thought. Which is shocking because my opinion on some of you cannot be any lower. John Hockton In the past week you were warned for comments, then went one what most people saw as a mission to pick apart the new league related apparel and even a commissioners signature. Why would you do this? Do you really not care at all about being suspended and or banned? Robbie Zimmers What I said and did were not even that bad. The apparel line the league wants to make, is just fucking stupid and i'm sure they will be ugly also. They try to be transparent about it and say that no one is pocketing any of the money they make off anything. People donate money to the league, and now they want more money so they make apparel. How much money does it really take to run this league? Way less than the money they made off the donations and now if you add the money they would make off the apparel they are just laughing. It doesn't matter if the league makes a dollar or five off each thing sold. You times that by one, two, three hundred they could make a nice chunk of change... Well for them. They could make between one and five hundred dollars. I more than that in a day. So I laugh at that. But most of you are using you hard earned money or your parents money to buy this. Why? Just so you can walk around wearing it in hopes of seeing someone else in it so you have a thing in common. Are you that fucking lame? do you need friends that badly? why the fuck not just go out and make friends instead of sitting at home jerking off and being on the site. Oh. and the signature shit. That was just me pointing out something, the blue crew can do whatever they want, when they want and get no warning. They tell me some bullshit that they can't cater to all groups. They are fine with catering to men that love to... rush other men. But it's okay to say whatever you want, post whatever you want about women. So here I go. Cunt. Bleeding cunt. worthless cunt. Women are only good for making food and breeding. Seeing that they can't cater to women they can't now just turn around on their ruling and tell me to stop. Can they? Yes they can, because I'm Robbie. So it's okay for others to do it and say it but not for me. John Hockton Have you... Robbie Zimmers Have I what? speak dumbass John Hockton Given up on Orion Slade? Robbie Zimmers Fuck you! hows that! I never give up on my clients... well maybe a few. But that was out of boredom. Orion is my last ever client, so no I have not given up on him. Have I altered his plan a bit? sure. He's already has a cup in his pocket. If he wins one or two more, I'll be happy. But beyond that, what I have planned for his final years will be a wonderful fucking show that sure will piss off people and maybe just maybe make some cry. Yes. Cry, because it will be a spectacle for the ages. It is the final round in this slug fest. You will want more, but there will be nothing left. You will want a on cor but I will not give it to you. You don't deserve it and I don't have the passion anymore. Once it's all done, it's done for good . The last fuck you will be the best one of all. Prepare.
  6. 1. Who on the team has the most epic duster? 2. Who on the team is "party guy" the one guy you would love to party with but you know if you would go with them, you would just get in trouble? 3. What is your thoughts on the season so far? 4. The teams biggest surprise so far? 5. The teams biggest disappointment so far? 6. The teams best player so far? 7. With the 9th Star Wars movie quickly approaching, who on the team is Darth Vader? Why? 8. Who is Yoda? Why? 9. What color light saber would you have? is your stick tape the same color? 10. Who lets out the worst smells in the locker room?
  7. You took it an extreme. I took it to another extreme. Why does it matter? And extreme is an extreme either way.
  8. Was that supposed to be funny? Am I supposed to be amused? Should I be laughing? Calling me a child is like calling him a man. Its so far from the truth you might as well say that I am a child that lives on Jupiter. Yes the gas giant that nothing can live on. Let that insane thought sink in. That's how outrageous you're being.
  9. Cute you know how quote. Now if you can master tying your shoes and counting without your fingers you would be half way to functional. I may have misspoke. $2000 would be how much they would make minus the cost. See what I did there? It's called admitting fault. Try it one day you cuck.
  10. If you spend $15 to buy said item and print shitty logos on it then turn around and sell the said item for $20 then your profit is $5 dumbass. Go stick a tampon in it and shut up
  11. You truly are a stupid cunt. $20 Is the cost of the item. Then yes minus the cost of the thing and the printing. This is why i was saying even at $5 profit per the league makes money. But I guess since you're such a fucktard your reading comprehension is pretty fucking low.
  12. Yes I know what profit means. At $2000 made you minus the domain fees and the "at cost price" per and you get your net profit. $2000 is gross profit. It's like a movie. Let's say a movie cost you 150mill to make. Then you make 1 billion at the box office. They announce you made 1billion. But its 1billion minus the 150mill but you always hear the money without the budget taken away.
  13. Even at 5 dollars profit per. At 100 sold that's more than enough to keep the league afloat and have money left over. It is what it is. Not trying to stop anyone from buying swag. Just pointing out buying these things can give the league a nice little profit.
  14. Oh to add to my point a page back. The whole excuse of "all the proceeds go to paying for the domain" lol come on. Let's pretend everyone was a nice guy who ran this league and they sold the "swag" for $20 each no change for different sizes. And let's say 100 people bought swag. That's $2000 of profit. Now if the domain costs $2000 a year maybe just maybe change the domain. But I doubt it. Pretty sure it's in the 100-200 a year range. So where does the rest go? People need to stop being so blind and believing that everyone is in this just to keep the league running.
  15. Nah I'll stick around a bit longer to torment you. I have zero reason to fake anything. Lol. Like absolutely zero reason. Like you have zero reason to call yourself a man
  16. Lol 3 brain cells. You wish I was a tard. Then you'd have a chance against me.
  17. Once again. You gave a fuck enough to quote me. I was pointing out that it was stupid to spend money on stupid shit for brands that don't exist. At this point your money or parents money goes into the the blue crews pockets. This is a sim league. No one should make money off it. So save the little money that you and your parents have and don't buy it you peasant fuck.
  18. Ask Bana and his coked out ways
  19. Buy a "Team Fuck You" Robbie Zimmers shirt
  20. Hahahahaha Fuck no! Who in the right mind would walk around wearing merch from a fake simulation league team lol.
  21. A censored Robbie is not a fun Robbie

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      This page is NSFW anymore. LEAVE NOW!

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      No no. That is okay. Post all the naked girls you want. They can't cater to all groups. Those are words right from TFong. So post them sexy naked ladies all you want 

  22. Your quote of me has the "violations" in it. Just want to point that out to you. Also. Who do I complain to about finding something offensive? Is it you? Because I find your hot dog sig offensive and overtly sexual. I believe it should be taken down.