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  1. Last offseason, I hosted an offseason training tournament full of sims, with 2 teams and it was a blast. Everyone had a great time. This season, I am looking to expand to 4 teams. We need 6 Forwards 4 Defenders 2 Goalies If you are interested, reply with the following information and ping me Player Name Position VHL Team I will be leaving this open until Saturday, October 31st. I will pick the twelve players on that day. Hoping to see people interested! - PatrikLaine
  2. 1) I seen someone name their wifi "StopUsingMyWiFi" because people were probably tapping into it. 2) Everyone looks stupid during charades when they are doing the activity wrong 3) I do not know any phone passwords and I would not do anything rude with it. 4) I honestly have no idea. Probably the two all time leading goal scorers. That would be crazy. 5) Be nice to everyone 6) Nothing really scarred me as a kid Extra 6: 1) First round exit 2) Probably the Navy Uniforms we have here in Helsinki 3) "You are proof that god has a sense of humour" 4)
  3. Helsinki, Finland - After taking a 1-0 series lead with a tight 2-1 victory in Game 1, Helsinki looked to expand their series lead against Prague. In Game 2, they rode a big second period to a 3-2 win to take 2-0 lead in the series with a chance to wrap things up on the road. This win didn't come without a cost however. Rookie forward Patrik Laine left midway through the third period with an undetermined upper body injury after taking an open ice hit from Phantoms defenseman Riley Knight Gee. The 18 year old rookie had 15 goals and 23 assists for 38 points during the regular season and has no
  4. We also have a lot of fun in the locker room and off the ice as well. Good times all around
  5. HELSINKI, FINLAND - The Helsinki Titans are in an interesting spot right now. The Titans are in the playoff mix late into the season, sitting at 4th in the European Conference and just one point ahead of the 5th place Prague Phantoms. Helsinki's GM, Jubo, has made some interesting moves as of late, such as going out and doing a 1 for 1 trade for Ola Vikingstad. However, when he changed the lines after that trade, all of his lines have began rolling. Patrik Laine in particular has benefited from this line change. He has goals in 4 of his last 5 and has 8 points in that span. "I mean
  6. 1. It was a sad day for me, I really liked him as a locker room guy. I gave him a big hug and wished him well. 2. I think he brings a lot. I've talked to him off the ice before, great locker room guy. 3. Probably when he took me in during the first day of training camp. Showed me the ropes, introduced me to the boys and was very accepting of me. 4. I can fight for a spot as a top line RW now, so I want to try my best to win that spot. 5. Probably a darker blue (like Winnipeg Jets blue) with a sword and helmet 6. Probably Venus Thightrap (@BladeMaiden) during the WJC last yea
  7. Right behind you, throwing my hat in there as well
  8. VHLM Club in Winnipeg plz
  9. Decided to do a Duo graphic for theme week @BladeMaiden
  10. Throwing my hat into the ring. I'd be down to make weekly Press Conferences and I can keep the locker room active.
  11. AGM Patrik Laine - Welcome to the official reveal of the Season 74 Team Europe roster! Management had a lot of talent at its disposal and it was hard to put a lineup together with so many good options. Nevertheless, we put together a team and are ready to compete! CENTERS: VENUS THIGHTRAP (@BladeMaiden) JULIAN NOUSIAINEN (@okochastar) RILEY COUTURE (@Riley_Couture) LEFT WINGS: ALOE DEAR (@Renomitsu ) LUKE THORNTON (@Jtv123) RYAN SCHWARZ (@Enorama) RIGHT WINGS: ONDE SANDSTROM