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  1. Love this team. Everyone should get a letter. GO TITANS!
  2. Petition to call this the Patrik group @Patrik Tallinder?
  3. Review: Although it will definitely take some time and development, I believe the NYA will return to being an annual cup contender. There is slowly a core starting to form, and the additions they have made in the draft accelerate that process. I have faith in @Esso2264 and @dlamb. Even with the entry level contracts in effect, they can try free agency and attempt a run while those ELCs still exist. Even without those ELCs, they will still be able to push for a cup in a few seasons, maybe sooner. They did have some good showings by @Rhynex Entertainment and some good prospect developments despi
  4. Review: Wow, It's cool to see articles like this. Predictions are hard to come by but logically thinking about how many points players will record in the uncoming season is a creative idea. It's not like you are pulling these predictions out of a hat either, these are actually well thought out using past statistics. You got really close on some last season and I expect you to hit a few this season. 10/10
  5. Couldn't ask for a better GM and AGM!
  7. sorry to literally everyone who put their predictions on me.
  8. Congratulations @fishy! To all those who were nominated but didn't win it, congratulations as well! You guys all help make the VHL a better place and should be recognized for your contributions
  9. I went out and got you a box full of 24 bags for each. You don't need to give me the code (I've kept a watchful eye on the draft class.)
  10. please don't make the same mistake I did