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  1. 1) TSN Trade Tracker 2) 1 second. I'm quick. 3) I have. It was a fun experience surprisingly. 4) I could do it. 5) I don't usually listen to music in the shower. 6) It depends on the day. Usually I'm clumsy but sometimes I have a quick reaction time. 7) Not really. Sometimes I will stare myself down before a big game or something like that. 8.) I have a few comfort items stored away. I miss those. 9) Definitely a 0. No doubt. Nobody likes my goat beard. Thightrap is definitely the hottest on our team and it's no contest. 10) I don't remember a weird gift at all
  2. Trying a new style.
  3. 1) I don't really have a favourite. Really any sweets will do. 2) I would prank EVERYONE. Ask @MattyIce, @JigglyGumballs and @DreMin15. We used to torture each other in Houston. 3) I have a lot up my sleeve, but probably faking an injury. Or painting someone's gear. 4) Again, I don't really have a favourite. Everything is good. 5) Latest person to practice (number of times) 6) I would say Gibson, but I'd let him take them. I'd just steal em back later. @Caboose30 7) My family lives just outside of Helsinki, and they show up to my games. We generally just have a dinne
  4. What if we took the VHLM and PUSHED IT somewhere else?
  5. 1) Probably.....highlights of today's youngsters (Laine, Matthews, McDavid, etc) 2) Probably Monkeys. 3) Over. 4) Probably in the middle of a forest. I just had to go and the nearest bathroom was like 5 km away (Hiking) 5) I can't pick just one, but probably that some people in the VHL believed when I joined I was the REAL Patrik Laine. 6) Career linemate: Thightrap Sit on the bench: Vaak Trade to a bottom feeder: Myself 7) I use my frame and hands to work with the puck and finish plays with my lethal release. 8.) A new free agent acquisition who has been irr
  6. Another big day for Patty Laine and the Titans!
  7. Hey you haven't read my essays, my essays are better than this.
  8. 8:00 PM - Sunday, March 14th - Helsinki, Finland. I was landing in Helsinki after an absolutely amazing WJC. Turns out that the board over there wanted to bring me in as a GM, so I ended up logically with Team Europe. I knew I had to stay in shape, so I had full gear on during morning skates, practices, scrimmages, etc. The only time I wasn't practicing with the team was during the games when I was behind the bench. I brought in my good buddy Jiggly Gumballs as my AGM, so we coached them together. Also got to see a few familiar faces. Gunnar Odinsson who had previously played on a