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  1. S72 Continental Cup Final Preview: Riga Reign vs Calgary Wranglers This season’s finals will be the Calgary Wranglers (8-5-1) against the Riga Reign (8-0-0). Riga won the regular-season series against Calgary, winning 3 out of 5 games between the two teams. Riga Storylines: Riga comes into this series having taken an easy road so far through the European Conference. Dominating their opponents with two sweeps so far in the playoffs. They are led by Apollo Hackett (@Renomitsu) who has 13 points in 8 playoff games so far and is 2nd in the league with 12 assists this postseason. They also have Pengu (@Pengu) who is tied for 3rd in the league in goals this postseason, notching 6 in 8 games thus far. However, the X-Factor in this series will be the play of Riga’s goaltender, Greg Eagles (@Greg_Di). His performance so far this postseason has been one for the ages, going 8-0 with 2.12 goals-against average and a stellar 0.931 save percentage. He will certainly be tough to beat in this series if he can keep this level of play up and can absolutely steal a game if need be. Calgary Storylines: The North American conference champion Calgary Wranglers had a much different path to the finals. They had two amazing series. Pushing both Toronto and New York to seven games and taking both series. Calgary’s offensive firepower this postseason shows, scoring 43 goals in the first 14 games this postseason, scoring an average of 3.07 goals per game through the first two rounds. They are led offensively by Sigard Gunnar (@Big Mac), who leads the league in both goals and points this postseason with 10 goals and 17 points. Fellow Calgary teammates Kris Rice (@Ricer13) and Willie Dredge (@Speed) are both tied for 2nd in goals with 7 goals each. The Wranglers also have Edwin THE Encarnacion (@Tagger) who leads the league in assists with 13 and fellow Wrangler Charlie Paddywagon (@DMaximus) who is right behind him with 12 assists. Calgary’s goaltender, Jacques Lafontaine (@SlapshotDragon) also has incredible numbers this postseason, going 8-5-1 in 14 games through the first two rounds with a 2.93 goals-against average and a 0.916 save percentage. However, Lafontaine has played great in seventh games this postseason. In seventh games against Toronto and New York, Lafontaine went 2-0 with a 2.50 goals-against average and a 0.918 save percentage. Lafontaine will be a big factor in this series for Calgary. Patrik’s Prediction: Even though Riga has been perfect through the first two rounds, I don’t think they will stay perfect through the finals. This will be a fast-paced series with high scoring games and a lot of hitting, but I think Calgary will take it. This series will certainly go to 6 or 7 games, but Calgary has been going the distance all postseason long and they know how to handle elimination games. This series could easily go either way. Riga will certainly not go down without a fight and this series will come down to the wire, but the play of both the goaltenders will be the deciding factor and Lafontaine has been great in elimination games thus far in the playoffs, so I see Calgary taking it in 7 games. (536 words, 3130 characters)
  2. Patrik’s Picks EP 5: Interview With Drew Minott PL: Welcome to episode 5 of Patrik's Picks. Today, we will start a new series before the draft. We will be bringing some of the VHL draft's finest prospects onto our show for pre-draft interviews. Up first tonight, we have the starting goaltender for the Houston Bulls, Drew Minott! Welcome to the show, Drew! DM: Thanks, Patty! Glad to be here! PL: How have things been for you since the end of the season? DM: They’ve been quiet. I’ve not done much besides workout, keep some training up for my hand-eye coordination, and watching the draft ranking and analysis. PL: Yeah, the draft is right around the corner. You are also eligible for this year's VHLM Draft along with a few of your teammates. Have you been thinking about it or just focused on the VHL? DM: I’ve been focused on both, really. Of course, the VHL draft is important, but so is the VHLM draft. I’ve still got a ways to go until I’m playing games in the VHL so I’m equally focused on the league I’ll still be a part of. PL: We always see footage of goalies pre-game rituals and routines. Do you follow a specific routine every game day or pre-game ritual? DM: Oh, haha well I have a bit of an odd one, though which goalie doesn’t? It’s something most people won’t notice unless they pay close attention, but each game I change out the colour of tape on my stick knob. I usually go through about 6 colours before it loops. I also eat what people would call “white people tacos” before each game, I started that when I got my first win so I thought it was a sign. PL: That's a unique one. I thought it would be something like over in the NHL if you have seen Connor Hellebuyck's eye movement. DM: Yeah, a few guys have commented on it. It’s a bit out there, but it worked for me. Certainly isn’t as weird as some people have, like Glenn Hall, who would literally vomit before each game. PL: Yeah, onto the next question. We've seen in some articles from you and your teammates that there was a lot of fun and pranks going on in the Houston locker room this season. What were your best pranks this year and who on the team got you the best? DM: I would have to say my best prank was a collaborative one. I was walking down the hall when I caught Jiggly picking the lock to Minnesota’s locker room, and I managed to get him to let me in on it. We ended up taping all their skates while they were at lunch, and we died laughing when they came out for pregame skates. The time I got best pranked though would have to be when someone, I’m not sure who cough cough Jiggly cough cough took my mask and replaced it with a Hasek-like mask, so I had to run with that for a game. We got blown out, so I know who to blame for that one. PL: Jiggly seems like quite the prankster. DM: Right? Guy has no breaks, love him though. Great guy. PL: Yeah, next question. A lot of hockey players model their style of play after the hockey idol they had growing up. Who was your hockey idol growing up and do you model your style of play after them? DM: I would have to say my idol was good ol’ Bobby Lou, Roberto Luongo. At first, I modelled my game after him, but once I began to grow as a goalie I began to develop my own style based on his, and it evolved over time. I also used to try a lot of Hasek’s old floppy desperation saves, and I still use some of those to this day. PL: Yeah, Hasek and Luongo were good goaltenders back in the day. Next question, do you have a routine for your days during the offseason and where are you staying this offseason? DM: I’m staying in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee for now. A few good rinks here, and with hockey not being particularly popular here they often aren’t crowded. As for the routine, I usually get up around 6:30 AM and go on a run before it gets super humid outside. I swear man it feels like you’ve just stepped out of a steaming shower and the steam is following you around when it gets hot here. After the run I usually cook myself breakfast, then I spend two hours working with general skills (I.E. rebounds, hand-eye, agility, etc.) before I take the rest of the day to chill out. I try to not overwork myself PL: We have seen a lot of trade rumours and draft rumours going around involving different teams. Do you buy into these rumours or just leave them? DM: I try not to listen to the media. Obviously you hear some things, but at the end of the day, it just causes more stress to you than it’s worth. I learned that the hard way when I got torn to shreds by VHLM (and even a few VHL) reporters because I wasn’t able to give this team a winning record. You get tired of hearing you’re a bust or an awful signing after a while, you know? PL: Yeah. The media generates a lot of hype and can ruin the reputations of certain players. There is a chance that you back to Houston through the VHLM draft. Do you hope it is Houston or would you want to go to a different team? DM: I would definitely love to be back in Houston. I feel like the fans have embraced me and I’ve come to love this city. I know we can’t keep all the boys in the locker room, but I really hope we can keep our core together. I feel like we are only a year away from being a playoff team and that we could do it if we bring everyone we can back, as well as a dad a few pieces. Though if another team picks me up, then I’ll just have to suck it up. I haven’t heard much interest from anyone else besides London, though. PL: You mention a lot about hanging out with Gumballs and Laine on and off the ice. You guys seem like a nice friend circle there, so I'll ask you this. If you had the choice, would you rather go to a contending team where the roster is a lot quieter or a rebuilder where the locker room is nice and active even though you are losing a lot? DM: Well, I chose Houston, didn’t I? I much rather would have a mediocre career where I got to enjoy my life than a successful one where I was miserable. Definitely the rebuilder with great guys on it. PL: Yeah, good choice. We watched some games this season where you played an amazing 60 minutes. One of your teammates, RW Patrik Laine kept throwing it back to a game against MIA where you guys were outshot 31-9 but still won 3-2. Take me back through that game and what was it like to pull one out for your team at that point of the season. DM: Man, that was a tough game. I didn’t do anything special for the game, just the same routine as always. About halfway through the first, I was getting shelled, but I made one save. I pulled off a Vasilevskiy save, glove behind the back, and I knew then that I wasn’t losing that game. I just felt the momentum and the energy differently in that game. Thankfully the boys made the few chances we got really count, and we managed to pull away with the 1 goal ahead win. Looking back on it, I still don’t know how I pulled that off. Just went with the flow of the game and managed to pull it off. PL: Uh oh, my producers just gave me the signal that we are out of time for this interview. I would like to thank you for coming on the show and I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming VHL and VHLM drafts. Let's give Drew one last round of applause! DM: Thank you, good luck to you as well! (519 words, 2709 characters written by @PatrikLaine) (893 words, 4484 characters written by @DreMin15) People mentioned: @JigglyGumballs @PatrikLaine @DreMin15
  3. Introduction: This past week, I was in Winnipeg for a couple of days to train with their NHL team to help me get ready for the VHL Draft. I thought it would be a good idea to write down my thoughts on the city I was in to give you guys a look at their passionate fans here. First Impressions: I thought Winnipeg was a nice town when I first arrived, and I went downtown to discover the people there are so friendly and passionate about hockey. The hotels and building were also nice down there and everyone was at the games cheering us on and it was a lot of fun. How were the games and my performance? The games were fun, especially for a playoff series. They rocked the whiteout which they are known for in the NHL. We played each of their division rivals once. In those 6 games, I put up 7 goals and 3 assists for 10 points and was a +3. It think it was a solid performance considering it was only 6 games and it was with some friends I haven't played with in a few years. What are my final thoughts? I really enjoyed playing out there. Hopefully one day we can see a VHL or VHLM club go there. They have the fans and arena requirements to see one go there and I think it would create a unique rivalry with Saskatoon in the VHLM. (244 words, 1226 characters)
  4. We have been able to catch up with Patrik Laine during his training trip to Winnipeg. 1) I want to go to a team that wants me to be a part of their future, but I would probably choose Helsinki. I grew up in Finland and they were my favourite team to watch. 2) Jiggly, Minotaur or Rose. Those are my buddies and it would be fun to share my journey with them. 3) I didn't really look up to a single player, but I loved watching goal scorers and big hits so I modelled my style of play after that. 4) I remember when I was playing at the WJC in Finland back in 2016 and I was tournament MVP. In that moment, I remembered everyone that told me I wasn't good enough and went on a mission to prove them wrong. 5) I usually listen to a rock/metal playlist to get into the zone with a mix of my favourite bands. 6) I hope I can stay in Houston, but anything can happen so those are my kind of comments. 7) We need to revamp the forward core. Scoring was our biggest issue last season and with Jiggs, Rose and RK Geesus rounding out the defense, we need forward help.
  5. Yeah, I knew it was controversial as soon as I put it because you guys have some studs like Tyler Walker.
  6. Yeah, I thought about it a bit but for the time that he saw those numbers. Sure it isn't as big a scale like 60 games but still 17-2-2 is nothing to scoff at.
  7. Hard to believe we are already four episodes into this series. I'll be displaying my thoughts on who is the MVP for each VHLM club in this episode. Keep in mind, this is for the REGULAR SEASON. Playoffs will be discussed later. Let us begin: PHILADELPHIA REAPERS: G John Poremba (@CrlineDijohn14) Considering that the Reapers loaded up at the deadline to make a push for a cup, Poremba was the biggest piece to this puzzle before the deadline. Across 69 games this season, Poremba went 50-14-5 with a .904 Save Percentage, 2.35 Goals Against Average and 8 Shutouts. His play in the playoffs has been just as good, going 7-2-1 in 10 games so far this postseason. MEXICO CITY KINGS: RW Chris Hylands (@Hylands33) After being selected 1st overall in the VHLM Dispersal Draft, Hylands was a top player in the league this season. He notched 52 goals to go along with 55 assists in 72 games, totalling 107 points and was a +51 down the stretch. SASKATOON WILD: G Cal Conway (@Shaka) Now, this is probably a controversial pick on my part, but Conway was one of the best goalies in the league in his backup role in SSK. He only played in 21 games, but he went 17-2-2 with a .913 Save Percentage, 2.07 Goals Against Average and 2 shutouts. Not bad for a backup that only played 3 games the year before. MINNESOTA STORM: G Woody McPine (@HearnNation67) McPine was an absolute brick wall this season in net for Minnesota. He started all 72 games this season, going 60-10-2 with a .900 Save Percentage, 2.25 Goals Against Average and an astonishing 9 shutouts. He was a big reason why Minnesota was a contending team all season long. MIAMI MARAUDERS: C Dakota Lamb (@dlamb) Lamb was a big part of Miami's surprising playoff appearance in their first season. Dakota was playing over a point per game, notching 93 points in 72 games. Even though Miami was knocked out in 7 games, Lamb had 13 points, 7 of which were goals in those games. LAS VEGAS ACES: D Alex Letang (@Spartan) Letang was an absolute force for the Aces this year. Putting up 20 goals to go along with his league-leading 94 assists (tied with Tyler Walker from SSK) for 114 points. In 6 playoff games this postseason, he notched 7 points and had 13 shot blocks. OTTAWA LYNX: LW Adam Syreck (@Spade18) I know I will get these comments, so I will address them now. Yes, Syreck is no longer with the Lynx after being traded at the deadline but he was playing like an MVP for Ottawa before being traded and was part of why Ottawa was in a playoff spot in the first place. He notched a total of 58 goals, 89 assists and a league-leading 147 points between both OTT and PHI (most of them coming with OTT) and has continued this elite level of play so far in the playoffs. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS: D Shawn Glade III (@ShawnGlade) Glade was a force for the Hounds this year, notching 19 Goals and 64 for 83 points in 72 games this season. He is now projected as a first round draft pick in the upcoming VHL draft. HOUSTON BULLS: G Drew Minott (@DreMin15) Minott was a big part of Houston's last season turnaround. Before signing Minott, Houston had compiled 2 wins in 40 games. After signing Minott, they had 6 in their next 32. He will be a big part of Houston's core going into next season. HALIFAX 21ST: G Hex Valentine (@DrHexDex) Valentine was a huge part of a Halifax team lacking a true offensive star. He won 21 of his 72 starts and recorded 2 shutouts this season. YUKON RUSH: G Jean Pierre Camus (@solas) Camus was a bright spot on a disappointing season for the Rush. He notched 21 wins and 3 shutouts in 72 games and had an impressive .906 save percentage through those 72 games. SAN DIEGO MARLINS: D Han Jae Kuk (@Dtayl) During an abysmal season for the Marlins, Kuk stepped up to the plate. In his rookie season with the Marlins, he recorded 34 points in 68 games. However, his biggest impact was without the puck, recording 114 hits and 140 blocked shots in 68 games. Summary: These are my picks for VHLM team MVPs. The next episode will be my review of the S72 VHLM Playoffs. (737 words, 4007 characters)
  8. Shoutout to those who nominated me. It has only been a month and a half but I love this community!
  9. Just got on a plane to Winnipeg to go and practice with the Winnipeg Jets! (not real btw)

    1. rory


      or is it 🤔

  10. exactly, it just comes down to personal preference. I don't like Pineapples on mine but if someone likes it on theirs, it doesn't make me think different because they probably enjoy having it on theirs. I'm not the type of guy where it is like "I don't like this so you shouldn't like it either" if that makes sense.
  11. I never said they don't belong on pizza. I said I don't like them on pizza but if you like them it is fine.
  12. Introduction Hey guys, Patrik Laine here. Thank you all so much for the questions you sent in to me last week. I may not get to answer all of them but I will certainly be doing this again. I made the Q&A completely anonymous, so lets begin! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do Pineapples belong on Pizza? I personally don't have Pineapples on my Pizza, but if you like it then you can have them on it. I don't have a set opinion as it all comes down to personal preference. What does your average day look like during the offseason? I usually wake up at 7:00 AM and go for a shower to start my morning. Once I am out of the shower, I have breakfast and watch the morning news. Around 9:00 AM I will step on the ice and practice my deking until 10. From 10 to 11, I practice shooting and from 11 to 12, I practice defending one of one. I have lunch around 12:30. At 1, I go back on the ice and practice skating until 2. From 2 until 4, I practice checking and using my body to get the puck. I usually have dinner around 5 PM. I studying film from 4-6 and this includes watching film during dinner. Usually the rest of my night is spent relaxing or meeting up with a couple buddies to play scrimmage hockey. If you could be on a team with someone from your draft class who is NOT CURRENTLY on your team, who would it be? I would probably choose to play on a team with Matty Socks (@fishy). I've watched quite a bit of his film with Vegas and he is a big part of their success. How do you think you will fit in as a VHL player? My biggest asset is my shot so I would probably be a goal scorer but I could also play power forward with my huge frame. It is up to the coaches to use me in the best way for the team. Where are you staying this offseason? I'm currently in Finland with my family, but next week I'll be heading to Winnipeg for a few days to practice with their NHL team. After that, I will head back to Finland to be with my family for the VHL and VHLM drafts. What is your game day routine? I always start my mornings off just like I do in the offseason. I arrive at the rink around 9 AM for the morning skate. I go and have lunch at the same restaurant in Houston with Jiggs (@JigglyGumballs) and Minner (@DreMin15). After that we head back to the rink to do some drills in the afternoon. Around 4, we will have the team meal. We go into the hallway about 2 hours before the game to play some soccer and football to warm up. In the 15 minutes leading up to warmups, I always tape my sticks and make sure my gear is ready to go. What is your pre-game ritual? I always tape my sticks the same way no matter what. Other then that, I always tap centre ice before a game and give Minner a tap on the pads. What did you think of your season in Houston? Given the circumstances and the position of the team when I signed, it was good. I averaged over a point per game and led the team in goals and if I can stay in Houston we can be a serious threat next season. Do you hope you stay in Houston? I mean, I have nothing bad to say about Houston. It's been good so far but the VHLM is still a business and I can be traded or picked up by any team so those are my kind of comments. Who do you think was the X-Factor of that Houston run at the end of the season? Definitely Minner. He kept us in all of our games and he stole some games we should have lost. What is your favourite thing to do for fun? Pickup hockey is always fun during the summer, especially when the weather gets warmer. Who is your hockey idol? I didn't really have a favourite player, but my favourite team was definitely Helsinki. Growing up in Tampere which is also in Finland it was the logical choice. If you could be drafted by any VHL team, who would you pick? I wouldn't pick a VHL team based on whether I like them or not. Each team now is neutral and I want to go to a team that wants me to be a franchise player for them. Did you pull off any pranks this season? Yeah, actually. I got Jiggs with the classic tape on the skate blade trick. I put hot sauce into Minner's water bottle. The funniest one however, was when I changed the name tag on Jiggly's jersey. I changed the tag to say "Kick Me" instead of "Gumballs" and he had no idea I did it until after the game. They certainly got me back throughout the year but we had fun joking around with each other. Have any GMs talked to you yet? Yes, 2 GMs have talked with me but nothing is set in stone yet. I really won't know where I will end up until draft day. Are you nervous about the draft? Not yet. I am still a bit nervous but I won't feel the nerves until the draft gets closer. Have you been watching the VHL and VHLM Playoffs? Of course. It's always good to see some high intensity playoff hockey even if you are not a part of it. Who was the biggest joker in the Houston locker room? Definitely Jiggs. He put water into my stick one practice and man was I not ready for it. He got Minner, Geesus and Rose pretty good too so it wasn't just me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion Once again, I would like to thank everyone who sent in questions even if I wasn't able to answer them. I definitely will do another one of these pretty soon. (1028 words, 5726 characters written by @PatrikLaine)