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I know that this may come as a surprise to some of you, but it’s taken me 17 months of being the VHL to spend a considerable amount of time on the index simply exploring. I went through and clicked on just about anything I could, saw a few interesting records, and found myself looking at player stats. I ventured over to the goalie area and discovered that when I click on a player and then click into “Pro Stat” I can see how many times that player earned a star in a game.


Now, you may be wondering what I did with this incredibly valuable information. Well, wonder no more! Here we go!


Nerdy Facts and Stats

Up to this point in S82 there have been 366 games played in the VHL. With each game having 3 stars there have been 1098 stars this season within these games.


At first, I was curious to see how many times goalies in the VHL grabbed one of those stars. What I found. after looking at every goalie who has played at least one game in the VHL this season, totaling 31 goalies, was that goalies have been named a star of the game 97 times. First star times were 35, second star times were 34, and third star times were 28.




What this means is that out of the 1098 possible chances a player had to be named a star of the game, VHL goalies were named 97 of those times. For those who love percentages, this means that VHL goalies have been stars of the game 8.83% of the time this season thus far.




In all of the VHL there are 295 skaters and 31 goalies who have played in a game this season, totaling 326 players. This is including bot players and goalies and players who had at least 1 second of on-ice time. This means that the goalies that have played this season make up 9.5% of the population of players who have played this season.


9.5% of the playing population has won 8.83% of the star opportunities. (Disclaimer: Keep in mind that at most in one game goalies can only claim 2 out of 3 stars since you won’t have 3 goalies in a game each grabbing a star. Also, a goalie’s chances of earning a star is .33% less likely to happen when compared to a skater who has 3 opportunities to be named a star in a game) (Further Disclaimer: There are so many variables that go into probability and I A) don’t know how to do all of that, and B) don’t care to do it all even if I knew how. It’s likely I messed up something somewhere, so be gentle on me).


Goalies played (31) / Total number of players (295 skaters + 31 goalies) = 9.5%

Times goalies were stars (97) / Total star opportunity (1098) = 8.83%


The Fun Part

Of course, as someone who manages a goalie, and has for 8 seasons now, I like seeing him do well. So, in the spirit of competition I wanted to show the goalies and how many times they earned first, second, and third star of the game.




As far as goalies with first star of the game accolades we have Thadius Sales with the most at 5 times. Then, Kunibuni UnGuri and Sikants Klamasteris have both been the second star of the game the most at 4 times a piece. And finally we have four goalies who have the most third star of the game accolades; David Davis, Sirkants Klamasteris, Tobias Reinhart, and Xavier Booberry. Finally, there are four goalies who have each been designated as a star of the game up to this point in the season 8 times; Em Em Flex, Sirkants Klamasteris, Tobias Reinhart, and Thadius Sales.


Now, after reading all of this you may be wondering, “Thad, what does this all mean and why does it matter?” Well, I’m glad you asked! This started as something completely meaningless, and for the most part still is, but I’ve learned something interesting throughout this little adventure. A goalie being named a star of the game is a pretty significant thing! I’ve also learned that I shouldn’t start working on something like this too late at night, otherwise I’ll stay up too late doing meaningless research and bothering @Spartan to help me figure it out. But, isn’t that the moral of the VHL story?


Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project and I’m hoping to return to this at the end of the season and see how different the numbers are!



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