Finals Game 4: Helsinki vs Toronto (Livesim, no longer live)

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I mean....


I'm excited to win a cup but holy hell after the tough series (especially goal scoring wise) against Seattle, no way in hell I thought this would go 4 games. Sorry Helsinki, great playoffs for you I thought recovering the 3-1 curse against Riga the defending champs who I was actually pretty certain would topple you guys in Game 7 the way 5/6 just were played y'know? I figured you'd have huge momentum coming out of that. 


But Stopko proved unbeatable in clutch games, and Toronto star power wouldn't be denied. We scored a hell of a lot more these playoffs across the board than I had initially thought. Anyway tough series, weird playoffs, underdog/sleeper win. On to the off-season, expansion and likely more crazy. Helsinki will for sure be back here, I'm going to have a lot of wrangling to do to sniff my way I suspect. 


Anyway :cheers: to another season everybody. 

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