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S68 VHL Expansion Draft


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S68 VHL Expansion Draft


Thursday, September 5th, 2019 | Noon EDT


Welcome all to the Season 68 Expansion Draft. Today we will be seeing not only the initial rosters of our two new teams, the DC Dragons and Prague Phantoms, but also the first look at the logos these players will be wearing on their chests, the next time they step out onto VHL ice. Before we move any further, here is a refresher of the rules that will govern the Expansion Draft.




  • Each existing team may protect up to 8 players (skaters and/or goalies), as well as their GM Player, for a maximum of 9 protected players
  • All players eligible to play in Season 68 (S61-67 draftees) are eligible to be selected, if left unprotected (including pending UFAs) 
  • Draft picks may not be selected, except for:
    • If a team does not put forth one active player who is under contract for S68, a 3rd round pick in any of the upcoming 3 drafts (S68-70) is attached to any inactive the expansion team will select
  • There will be 6 Rounds in the Expansion Draft
  • There will be an Expansion Lottery, whereby the winner will decide if they pick 1st in the Expansion Draft or take the higher Draft Slot in the VHL Entry Draft.
    • Whichever team selects 1st in the Expansion Draft will receive the lower pick in each round in the S68 Entry Draft
  • No team may lose more than 1 player to the expansion draft
  • Two Compensation Picks (slotted at 17th and 18th Overall) will be available for selection by the Expansion Teams


As Prague was the team to win the Expansion Lottery, they decided to take the 1st pick in the Expansion Draft, meaning the two teams will be drafting from the 11th (DCD) and 12th (PRG) slots in the S68 VHL Entry Draft.



  1. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 (S67) RW - Erik Draven (from VAN)
  2. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e (S67) C - Dan Gles (from DAV)
  3. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 (S67) RW - Dalton Wilcox (from MAL)
  4. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e (S66) RW - Mikko Aaltonen (from RIG)
  5. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 17th Overall Pick in S68 VHL Entry Draft
  6. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e 18th Overall Pick in S68 VHL Entry Draft
  7. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 (S67) C - Scotty Big Shotty (from MOS)
  8. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e (S61) D - Robert Malenko (from CAL)
  9. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 (S67) C - Alex Pearson (from HEL)
  10. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e (S64) D - Piotr Jerwa (from NYA)
  11. xMxNblp.png&key=761e0c4ccf422608936e1216 (S64) D - Bolt Vanderhuge + S70 :tor: 3rd (from TOR)
  12. paJMcg3.png&key=5fbbe48bae2fb5b334fedc1e (S62) C - Maxim Kovalchuk (from SEA)
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