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S73 WJC Awards


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Another tournament down!



I wanted to thank @Josh for simming  and @rjfrymanfor helping with being a commissioner. As well as all the GM's @Banackock, @Plate, @Z16, @dlamb and @rory


So now the awards!


S73 World Juniors Award Show

Medal Winners










This season we're going to do something different. There were a lot of great players this season so we're going with an all star team 1 and team 2.


WJC All-Team 1

F-  The Terrible Trivium - @der meister

F- Jeffrey Pines - @rory

F - Alec Volchenkov - @SirRupertBarnes

D - Chance Rust - @turkey2349

D - Bo Burrows - @Walter Fizz

G - Ajay Krishna - @Hooperorama


WJC All-Team 2

F - Patrik Laine - @PatrikLaine

F - Gary Neal - @LittleRiDog

F - Marshall James Frostbeard - @FrostBeard

D - Jiggly Gumballs - @JigglyGumballs

D - Kosmo Kramerev - @Mongoose87

G - Nils Friedriksen - @Biggreen10


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who participated in this tournament. The WJC is a great place for new members to gain experience and learn how the league is run. I had a blast running this years tournament and here is looking to next seasons!

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