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  1. 1. It feels great i knew we could do it it feels really good to have played a part in it 2. Of course i had some nerves but those were gone right when i got that first goal 3. I love this city such a great place to end up plus it helps my boys at the trailer park arent too far away 4. Pretty hard to understand at first but i think ive gotten the hang of things 5. The entire locker room has helped me couldnt ask for better teamates 6. Those guys deserve it man i was really happy for them 7. Naw i think were good 8. I dont really know much about the vhl so a team full of halifax alumni would be nice
  2. 56 Helsinki 57 Davos 58 Malmo 59 New York
  3. 1. I think we did pretty good picking up some solid players id say it was a pretty solid draft class 2. I went undrafted so kinda bitter sweet i think i knew whered id end up so it was nice to see us get some other guys 3. Our current roster is pretty solid overall i think we are gonna be a strong enough squad to win it all 4. I predict a cup 5. My goals are the same as everyone elses teamwork makes the dreamwork 6. Think of patrick kane and then turn your expectations lower 7. I have a few but i think my gm and teamates can answer them on discord 8. They should know im a quik learner just give me a minute