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  1. 1. Feelsbadman.jpg 2. Gives me tpe 3. Idk i havent been looking at theirs since im not actively on their team 4. Feelsgoodman.jpg 5. Absolutley 6. No your the one who has to do that i have enough on my plate 😂
  2. 1. Eh about the average 2. Champs 3. Another shitty 25 point year 😂 4. Hali vs ottawa 5. Its my chel name 6. Only if they have money 7. Naw but we can go for tag team gold brother 8. Idk that many people so whoevers in the pokemon chat the most
  3. 1. Amazing 2. Naw will be bitter about it but ive accepted it 3. Luciano deserves it hands down 4. Idk i hope i get drafted at all 5. Idk i cant tell the future 6. Absolutely gave me a chancr when noone else did