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VHL All-Time GMs

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A spreadsheet showing number of trades and playoff appearances (by GM and by franchise)


S1 - Continental Cup

S1 - Sam Pollock Memorial / David Knight Trophy




S1-S2: Brett Slobodzian (slobodzian_18) S2, S2

S3-S10: Scott Boulet (djscooter) S3, S8, S7

S11-S19: Matt Bentz (Matt) S18, S19, S18, S19

S20-S25: Jardy Bunclewirth (JardyB10) S23, S23

S26-S41: Jason Glasser (diamond_ace) S30, S28, S30, S34

S42-S52: Austin Gow (eaglesfan036) S44, S44

S53: Clinton Chevy (brovy)

S54-S57: Austin Gow (eaglesfan036) S57

S58-present: Tyler Barabash (Bushito) S62




S1: JJ Krever (CFLstyle)

S1-S2: Matt Cornell (nibbz) S1

S3: Brad Janssen (BRAD JANSSEN)

S4-S7: Matt Cornell (nibbz) S7

S8-S10: Matt Defosse (Cowboy)

S11-S15: Scotty Campbell (scotty) S11, S13, S11

S16-S19: Chad Murphy (RawEnergy) S19

S20-S23: Harvey Singh (DGFX.) S20

S24-S26: Frank Chadwick (Frank) S24, S25

S27-S31: Tyler Barabash (Bushito)

S31-S33: David Knight (Knight) S31

S34-S38: Victor Alfredsson (Victor) S36, S38, S36

S39: Mike Molholt (Molholt)

S40-S46: Jack Reilly (CoachReilly)

S47: Spencer Flammer (Ahma)

S48-S53: Vladamir Komarov (Gooningitup) S50

S54-S56: Conner Low (Smarch)

S56: Jardy Bunclewirth (JardyB10)

S57-S63: Tyler Owens (Tyler) S61

S64-present: Shawn Glade (ShawnGlade)




S1: Jay Bris (Jay Bris)

S1-S2: Jeff Downey (Jeff)

S2-S3: Maxim Desny (brooks.) S3

S4-S8: Daric Radmonovic (falco) S6, S5, S6

S9-S11: Dominik Stryker (Zero)

S12-S16: Matt Bailey (Quik) S15, S14

S17-S22: Joey Kendrick (Kendrick) S22, S22

S23-S24: Brett Slobodzian (Feltersnatch_74)

S24-S27: Matthew Boragina (Boragina7) S27, S27

S28-S29: Claudio Martucci (Claudio) 

S30-S36: Mitch Higgins (Higgins) S34, S32, S34

S37-S41: Vince Wong (STZ)

S42-S48: William Shaw (Draper) S45, S46, S45, S46

S49-S51: Daniel Anderson (Daniel)

S51-S62: Mitch Higgins (Higgins) S54, S55, S60, S55, S61

S62-present: Matt Bailey (Quik) S64




S66-present: Chris Miller (Advantage)




S65-present: Victor Alfredsson (Victor)


Hamilton/New York:


S1-S2: Brett Noiles (-knowlzey-)

S2-S5: Jesus Christ (terry/v2)

S6-S9: Robbie Zimmers (RobbieZ)

S10-S14: Brandon Best (brandon) S14, S13

S15-S16: Vase Trikamaki (alfie forever/Victor)

S17-S18: Sam Helberg (Streetlight)

S19-S22: James Assayag (James)

S22-S29: Sam Helberg (Streetlight) S24, S25

S30-S32: Ryan Power (Mr. Power) S32, S31, S32

S33-S46: Chris Miller (Advantage) S39, S41, S38, S39, S41

S47-S50: Ron Dayne III (YEAH!) S47

S51-S55: Ryan Power (Mr. Power) S52, S53, S52

S56-S60: Vince Wong (STZ) S60

S61-present: Colton Rayne (Spade18)


Quebec City/Vancouver:


S31-S36: Pavel Koradek (Koradek) S35, S35

S37-S40: Frank Chadwick (Frank) S40

S41-S50: Clinton Chevy (Brovy)

S51-S58: Frank Chadwick (Frank) S56, S54

S59-present: Keaton Louth (Beaviss) S62




S1: Zach Crosby (sullivan2106)

S1-S5: Chris Julien (arcbee007)

S6-S7: Raymond Funk (Ree_21)

S8-S12: Dustin Funk (Toswammi) S10, S8, S10

S13-S17: Vladimir Kliment (great_save_luongo) S16, S16

S18-S20: Dustin Funk (Toswammi)

S21-S22: Bryan Svec (frescoelmo)

S22-S23: Dustin Funk (Toswammi)

S24: Nick Barretta (Fyodorov)

S24-S25: Zack Gagnon (InstantRockstar)

S26-S27: Kyle Dowd (Kyle)

S28-S39: Mike Szatkowski (Mike) S33, S33, S37

S40-S44: Jim Gow (flyersfan1493) S40

S45-553: Steve Smeall (Toast) S51, S51

S54-present: Benjamin Zeptenbergs (hedgehog337) S57, S58, S63, S56, S58




S1-S2: Joey Kendrick (Kendrick)

S2-S4: Danny Tremblay (Danny) S4, S4

S5-S8: Derek Harland (Derek Harland) S5

S9-S12: Mike Kloepfer (mikek_02) S12, S12

S13-S15: Alex McNeil (McNeil) S15

S16-S19: Sandro Desaulniers (sd94) S17, S17

S20-S28: Greg Harbinson (gregreg) S28

S29-S33: Noah Lefevre (Noah!!)

S34-S37: Greg Harbinson (gregreg)

S37-S43: Tyler Barabash (Bushito)

S43: Mitch Higgins (Higgins) S43

S44-S48: Mike Szatkowski (Mike)

S49-present: Blake Campbell (Banackock) S59, S59, S63




S1: Aiden Alexander (Rumpleforeskin)

S2: Alex McNeil (McNeil)

S3-S6: Dany Ribody (Live4Him)

S6-S7: Kevin Brooks (brooks.)

S8: Jochen Walser (marshall_22)

S8: Wolfgang Stein (Catch)

S9: Jochen Walser (marshall_22)

S9-S12: Mike Szatkowski (Mike) S9, S9

S13-S22: David Knight (Knight) S21, S20, S21

S23: Raymond Funk (Ree_21)

S23: Sterling Labatte (sterling)

S24-S25: Jeff Hunter (Hybrid1486)

S26-S35: Sandro Desaulniers (Sandro) S29, S29

S36-S43: Tyler Edgar (Edgar) S37, S37

S44: Sachimo Zoidberg (Jala)

S44-S53: Mike Molholt (Molholt) S48, S49, S50, S48, S49

S54-S62: Travis Boychuk (DollarAndADream)

S63-present: Ryan Power (Devise) S64, S65







S31-S36: Joey Kendrick (Kendrick)

S37-S41: Alexander Schneider (RomanesEuntDomus)

S42-S44: Ryan Power (Mr. Power) S42, S42

S45-S54: Greg Harbinson (gregreg)

S55-S56: Scott Anderson (punkhippie)

S56-S57: Chris Miller (ADV)




S1-S13: Lucas Tannahill (Pensfan101) S1

S14-S18: Zach Arce (Islanders4Life39)

S19-S21: Zach Voss (Zach.)

S21-S26: Tyler Owens (Tyler) S26, S26

S27-S29: Damien Walec (Tukka Reikkinen)

S29-S30: Japinder Singh (8Ovechkin8)

S31-S39: Thomas Corcoran (Corco)

S40-S48: Benoit Prévost (boubabi) S43, S47

S49: Jack Voratek (jack)

S50-S55: Chris Miller (Advantage) S53, S54

S56-S57: Tyler Barabash (Bushito)


Here's a spreadsheet.

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