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Team World, Gets gold and break Europe


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The day is Thursday the first day of the WJC Team Canada and Team World are tied in the shot out
Omi Aberg skating up the ice, shoots, he got the Goal, now all we need is Tobias Reinhart to make a save and team world wins the game, Jonathan Ori shoots, SAVE, ITS A SAVE…. And team worl…. 
Little did anybody know that team world wouldn’t slow down from there.
Team world would go own on to beat team USA and face off against Europe in gold, Europe a team everybody fears, 
In the first period, it was back and fourth  Team Europe, Sven Eightnine first 1-0 Team World, Tyler Reinhart 1-1 Team Europe, Otto Numminen 2-1 Team World, Omi Aberg 2-2 following period ones score fest cam period two a defence party, with team world being the only to get on the board with a goal from Jerome Reinhart 3-2(world),
Next came the third and final period, team world up by one with 20 minutes left to get gold, everybody was worried on both sides then 
11 seconds into the third Tyler Reinhart score the game-winner and everybody and team world could breathe again, two more goals were scored that game one from each team (Team World, Ryan Li, Team Europe Arvid Johansson) final score was 5-3 team world now comes the fun part
Thank you to the goalies for the great goaltending now its is time for you gold medal winners

Omi Aberg-Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha- @osens

Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson-Greenland- @Cxsquared

Bryn Yrwy- United Kingdom - @dylanjj37

Tyler reinhart-Greenland- @Zetterberg
Ryan Li- Canada- @Ryan Li
Jerome Reinhart-Greenland @MexicanCow123
Deagun Rust- USA- @Spade18
Florida Man- USA- @zepheter

Darth Kaprizov - Republic of the Congo -  @Darth Kaprizov 

Zeljko Ranogajec-Australia- @ColeMrtz
Tynan Sylvester- Belize- @diamond_ace

The Loch Ness Monster-United Kingdom- @LuluSalesAway
Zdeno Chara- Slovakia- @Agito

Leroy Johnson-Marshall Islands- @Vkobe-v

Tobias Reinhart-Greenland- @Spaz

A word from you gm
Thank everybody who supported team world, chatted in the locker room, as my first gm experience this was awesome, I can’t wait to see some of you around or on my future teams, I had one goal in the WJC and it was to get a medal and we did just that. A story book ending for a team of reinharts, with all of them being too old for the WJC next season, I’m glad to have such an awesome support group and want to thank @Alex_J32 for believing in me and @rjfrymanand @Banackock for the chance at GMing 
That’s it from me
Minion out

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