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S50 VHFL Winner + TPE


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Season details


Congratulations to eaglesfan036 for winning this season's VHFL!


I'm somewhat satisfied with how things went this season. There was certainly some discussion generated from the VHFL, which is ultimately the goal I think. I don't want it to simply be another TPE source for players. Definitely I feel like the more updates there are throughout the season, the more posts will come, because that's obviously when people will tend to have comments. Perhaps the VHFL continues, I'll try to make a more dedicated return to being in charge (not in the sense that I'll try different things like I did previously, just that I'll actually make consistent updates/recaps each week). Of course if I do that, I'll also go back to taking pay for running it.


But let's move on to the TPE, shall we?




@eaglesfan036 - 1136.5



@ADwyer87 - 1128.6

@CowboyinAmerica - 1084.4


4th to 8th - 3 TPE







9th to 17th - 2 TPE











18th to 36th - 1 TPE





@der meister




@Mr. Power











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Just now, Draper said:


Yes phillipe



14.4 – Earning Uncapped TPE

Fantasy Zone, Prediction Points can be claimed for both players.
Donation Rewards can be claimed for both players.

Just found it thanks! <3

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