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S63 VHL All-Star Goalie Vote


Goalie Vote  

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Hello VHL, 


First off there will be a total of

12 Forwards

8 Defenceman 

4 Goalies

Selected for the All Star game.


Now to get to the fun part, the selection for the all stars is up to the General Managers of the league and the public making it a true All Star game.

First come first serve to each position. Now since there are only eight General Managers in the league we need the public's help to finish off the list! Once I have received each General Managers choice to who will be attending this game I will be starting a thread for each member of the VHL to post multiple player votes once that thread is up for a couple days I will tally up the votes and we will have the rest of the All Star team.


Now once our players are chosen we will also need to have General Managers for each team.

With the public vote on what players should be in the All Star Game we will also need a Manager for each team. There will be a vote the public vote for who the two chosen VHL General Managers will be for the All Star game.


Once the Managers of each team are chosen we can get to the draft portion of the Event. Each Manager will participate in a snake draft to select the teams for the All Star game. Once the players are selected then the managers will send me there lines and who there starting goalie will be. Since there are 4 Goalies selected the starting goalie will play periods 1/3 and the backup will play the 2nd period remember that for the draft.


To the live/recorded portion of this years All Star game we will be using NHL 19 on PS4 to run and record the event. The Event will be scheduled at a further date so people that wish to watch it live can.

The game will be Three periods of 15 minutes real time so it will be a full real game. 


Ill be creating NHL characters for the VHL characters as well as teams(hopefully) using there VHL stats(height,weight,scoring,speed,etc) so it truly will be the VHL characters in a real watchable game!


There also cannot be a All Star game without rewards for the players right!? With that said below are the ways each Player and Manager can earn TPE using this event.


All Participates:

All Star Selection: 1 TPE

Win the Game: 2 TPE



1st Star: 3 TPE

2nd Star: 2 TPE

3rd Star: 1 TPE


Hat trick: 3 TPE



.850+ Save%: 3 TPE

Two Periods Played: 1 TPE 


There will be a 5 TPE earned cap for the rewards.


Any other questions please leave below in the thread.



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Team Selections:




:nya: F - Roctrion King @Romaris

:cal: F - Evan R. Lawson  @diamond_ace

:sea: F - Gabriel McAllister @CowboyinAmerica

:hel: F - Dan Montgomery @BarzalGoat

:que:F - Veran Dragomir @Velevra

:tor: F- Sebastian Ironside @DollarAndADream




:dav: D - Alvaro Jokinen @Ahma

:rig: D - Ryan Kastelic @Enorama




:que:Tristan Iseult @Arthur

:cal:Norris Stopko @Bushito

:hel:Alexander Pepper @Sonnet

:sea:Roger Sterling @Will

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