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Team World S67

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Team World S67

(this isn't the order of lines btw)

Proud to say that Team World is representing 11 countries this year!



Dalton Wilcox ?? - @Dalton Wilcox

Milan Griffin ?? - @Sogarn

Dylan Doyle ?? - @zepheter

Thomas Kennedy ??? - @Walter Fizz

Ludvig Sederstrom ?? - @aleks

Berocka Sundqvist ??? - @berocka

Walter Clements ?? - @cpetrella

Nethila Dissanayake ?? - @nethi99 

Blake Gaudette ?? - @Gaudette




Condor Adreinne ??- @Green

Edward Vigneault ?? - @Patpou22

Guy LeGrande ?? - @Steve



A Red Guy ??? - @.sniffuM

Throvald Gunnarsson ?? - @Saelven88


If you were selected, check your DM's for an invitation to the LR. And remember, don't go over 350 TPE (if your in the VHL) ;)


Here's our jerseys:



For anyone who feels they were FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY, I apologize as there was a lot of difficult decisions to be made across all the players that were available. 


Good luck to all the other teams!

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2 hours ago, zepheter said:

Disappointed I wasn't picked by my home country of the USA, but I am thrilled to have been selected at all. We must make them pay for this... 

Oh we will big boi

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