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  1. G - Roger Sterling

    I feel like this is the least Will name and player of all time. I don't know why. Roger Sterling. He sounds like he'd be the guy to do your taxes at H&R block.
  2. Happy 420 day all. 



  3. C - Mikka Pajari

    Does step one involve drinking a lot? Because if so, I've already got that covered I think....
  4. C - Mikka Pajari

  5. C - Mikka Pajari

    Player InformationUsername: DeviseFull Name: Mikka PajariPosition: CenterAge: 19Handedness: RightRecruited By/From: The Babysitters ClubWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? Only if it's @JardyB10Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 48 (18 Banked) (Reinholdt finished 600, this is 7th season retirement so 8% of 600 is 48)CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 50ST = Strength: 45PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 45PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 40DF = Defense: 50PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 22Height (inches): 6'1Weight (lbs.): 204lbBirthplace: Davos, SwitzerlandAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players Rauno Pajari Skylar Rift Logan Laich Thaddeus Humbert M.T. Power Ryzard Macht Verner Reinholdt
  6. Me out loud: I'm done with this place cya bye. 

    Me in my head: One more player though, continue that Pajari legacy with another scrub...very tempting....


  7. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    I've been replaying some MW Remastered as of late, and after my Plus went down I revisted the Campaign which I hadn't done in years. I was shocked, stunned to find how old it felt. Mechanically it was all still there, but the encounter design was so outdated it made it near unplayable. Enemies spawning out of nowhere, moments where the game seems to just want you to freeze in one place and pick people off. Granted some of it probably has to do with how modern shooters especially now are all about big open areas and movement, and giving the player far more freedom. But trying to do that with some of those missions felt like trying to brute force a jigsaw puzzle. As for a question, what if any games have you had trouble going back to due to outdated designs etc? Also, just for the lols, why didn't you tag @boubabi in the thread for questions. Are you trying to silence the most vocal and supportive member of our community?
  8. Possible series

    Considering my CGY history, the fact that I'm an admin and just banned a user I'm fully prepared to be a villain here lol.
  9. Permissions

    This was handled a while back just updating to inform that everything up to this point is handled.
  10. Possible series

    I never gave Skylar Rift the two-face himself a canonical ending. I believe the open ended nature I left it at was that he had disappeared, so feel free to use him however you'd like.
  11. Ban Thread

    @boubabi has been permanently banned. No single one action caused this, it was a overall build up. Every thread, every subject, every topic there are people expressing as much as they can that he has been nothing but a detriment to this community. He was given a million chances, and the Blue Team debated banning him countless times. Enough is enough.
  12. Enjoy the holidays VHL.

  13. Permissions

  14. VHL Board of Governors

    Bump. @Phil @Strtlght and @Bring Back Chat have been removed from the Board of Governors. We thank all of them for their contributions, especially Phil/Street who both just dipped in their overall VHL activity levels, but when active were consistently good BoG members. @Quik and @diamond_ace have been added to the Board of Governors. Welcome to the team gents.
  15. Permissions