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  1. Once I can get my computer to behave I’ll be going live on twitch if anyone wants to come hang out. 


  2. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I think it’s been discussed before but was kinda decided that it didn’t really have much of a market. Even just taking welfare every week and nothing else you’ll hit 200 pretty quickly; if you actually do Pt’s It’ll be even faster and then what, you sit around for 6 seasons doing nothing? Plus the whole point of the minors is to eventually get good enough to be drafted in the main league. I can’t see many wanting to go for this.
  3. C - Erik Johannsen

    God no, wish I had his subs haha.
  4. C - Erik Johannsen

    You aren’t alone there, a lot of new guys came from it, welcome That 30 starting TPE can be applied however you like by the way.
  5. Permissions

  6. C - Mikka Pajari

    S61: the draft that keeps on giving.
  7. D - Sebastian Ironside

    Maybe he’ll let fewer playoff goals past than his brother
  8. Unofficially I would love to deem it that.
  9. Retention Sig Campaign

    Not to sound harsh but the guy we advertised with is a solid amount larger than the pajodcast. Not that I dislike them, they just don’t quite have the viewerbase.
  10. VHLM Rules link broken

    We’re definitely looking to update these right now. Will likely end up being similar to the HoF updating where we’ll pay some uncapped for some updating.
  11. Bumping this in light of recent events. A reminder to everyone that it will not be tolerated and it does not matter who starts an argument. If you get into it with other members and things start crossing the line you will both be punished. Not to sound like your grumpy dad but I don’t care who started it, I will finish it.
  12. VHL Poker Tournament

    I'm fine with having some rewards for something like this but finding time where we could get a good amount of people would be challenging at best. I like the incentive though.
  13. Was checking stats for HoF Discussion and noticed that Holik finished ahead of DeGrath in shutouts by 2. This makes me happy. @STZ will definitely still get into the hall before me (unless I do this season which I find highly unlikely) but at least he didn’t beat the one stat I’m most proud of.


    Also interesting. @Bring Back Player 2 (Tri) probably would have beat me if he didn’t retire early. Might have actually been able to top Clegane.

    1. STZ


      O shit!

    2. Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      I was aiming for most wins but saw it was out of the realm of possibilities

  14. Had to put put some fires so 

    going live for maybe a shorter stream tonight. Come hang out!

  15. A reminder to BOG members, the Award discussion is up, go put in your say and get ready to vote so that I don't have to again.