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S+ Tier:


Hulk Hogan, Dil, Doug, Matt O, 


S Tier:

Nyko, BluObieZ, Penny, Boubabi, PenKnight, Beaviss, Micheal Rasmussen, efuig, Berocka


A tier:


ShawnGlade, EaglesFan, Esso, bluesfan55, Uphillmoss, Gustav,  Da Trifecta, Blade, Motzaburger, .sniffum, Walter Fizz, ColeMrtz, GlowyGoat


B tier:


 Abaddon, jRuutu, fonziGG, Sonnet, Acyd, Renomitsu, Phil, Enorama, IR, JeffD, Will, McWolf, Thranduil, Rayzor, MexicanCow123, K1NG LINUS, Jtv123, Tate, flyersfan,  Josh, Poptart, Doomsday, Big Mac


C tier:


 Beketov, TheFlash, tFong, hedgehog, Frostbeard, Quik, Sharkstrong, Peace, Devise, Green, rjfryman


F tier:


Bushito, Victor, Advantage



If I missed anyone, tell me and I'll add them. This should be pinned

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