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S68 ALL-VHLM Teams


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These players listed below showed a lot of character on the ice this season and were some of the best talents to watch perform throughout the season. Huge numbers, huge plays. These guys took it to a really good level this year. Congrats to those listed below. FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY for those who aren't but should be. Have a great night. May the blessing of the North Star be with you. It's snowing here. I love snow. :nhlchecking:


charlie brown snow GIF


@VHLM Commissioner


:vhlmlogo: All-VHLM First Team - May Claim 2 Uncapped TPE:vhlmlogo: 


F - Jeff Tates :veg: @PotatoKing

F - Benny Graves :veg: @STZ

F - Roadkill Steve :sdm:@stevo

D - Will Clarke :sdm:@Will

D - Alyksander Hunter :yuk: @Jaku

G - Sean McGee:hou: @Strooper99


:vhlmlogo: All-VHLM Second Team - May Claim 1 Uncapped TPE :vhlmlogo:


F - Chad Gilbert :sdm: @Fire_In_Babylon

F - Ondrej Ohradka :ssk: @animal74

F - Balentine Kidd :mis:  @TukTukTheGreat

D - Brock Louth :mis: @Beaviss

D - Andrej Petrovich :yuk: @Tyler

G - Block Buster :yuk:  @Banana2311



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