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Conference Finals Games: 7

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Congrats DC, you have a really good team and I’m happy for you.


It’s been a while since I’ve been as invested in a VHL team as I’ve been in Chicago.  This playoff run was really fun to be a part of and so far above my expectations.  Let’s hope things get even better as the team develops.


:chi: :chi: :chi: :chi: :chi: :chi: :chi: 

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Well Played to the entire Chicago Phoenix organization, you guys put up a great fight and that made for an awesome series to watch/follow. You guys are going in the right direction and led by the right people. 

on a more bias note..... LETS GO D.C DRAGONS BBYYYYYYYY!!!! 


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That was well worth the wait. Finally, after so so so many years of underperforming, the Dragons finally break through. That one was for all the haters who write DC off after Game 10 every year. Cheers Chicago, that was fun and thankfully without controversy. 

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You know, I specifically made Syreck to chase a cup. Yet its been 3-4 seasons and I'm still with Chicago. Even though this loss is disappointing, the way this team keeps performing and advancing has really sold me on the kind of team/culture that @JeffD is building here.


We'll be back next year VHL. Just you wait :chi:

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