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  1. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Basically, in my mind, vhlm stars would have 2 indicators. The first would be their thread title would need to indicate that it’s a vhlm star and not a regular player, so that updates always know the rules with them. The second indicator would be the draft season in their player thread. Before they become vhl players, their season would have an “m” next to it until they hit 200 tpe. For example: (S60m) C - Joe Schmoe (VHLM Star), TPE: 45 Lets day they don’t hit 200 TPE until mid S64. They’d become part of the S65 Draft, then their player title would read: (S65) C - Joe Schmoe (VHLM Star), TPE: 200 That way everyone knows what rules the player has to follow (attribute max, tpe max, etc.) and what seasons that player is eligible for. If they never hit 200 tpe, they are retired after 8 vhlm seasons. Yeah, the cap to stay in the minors would still be 200, so once a player hits that they can keep earning because they’d be a part of the next draft. IMO, if you have the rules in place for the second player, I don’t think it’s a problem to have both in the VHL at the same time. The second player cannot become anything other than depth anyways, so there’s no real issue to me. To combat the new update scale. If you take out 24-30 tpe each season, it’s gonna be a lot harder to make a good player in your prime
  2. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Yeah, pretty much. Like I said, gives you a player to fuck around with. If you want, you can have them fuck around in the vhlm for a few seasons (also, not allowed to collect vhlm bonus for these players), then get drafted and become a depth piece in the vhl. Gives you something else to pay attention to, and likely a second team, which was (I’m assuming) the op of pp2, without the burden of having to make that player a star in a certain amount of time, or keep them updated for their whole career and deal with depreciation. Literally just a depth piece for vhl teams that would get rid of the random inactives in the end of their careers. At 300 tpe, it also wouldn’t be the end of the world if you wanted to retire that player and start another vhlm “Star”. Also, if you want, you could retire your main and make this player your new main from that point on, which ties in the argument by some that there should be free vhlm seasons for players. I actually wouldnt mind @diamond_ace opinion on this.
  3. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Maybe read the post before arguing it?
  4. Someone in the office calls in sick today when they were perfectly fine yesterday..hmmm...

    1. Banackock


      They got them Friday bluuuues. Sun shining, smoke rising. 

    2. Spade18


      FOUR TWENTTTYYYYY *dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab*

    3. diamond_ace


      24 hour stomach bugs are a thing. This person is *likely* bullshitting, but it can't be guaranteed.

  5. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I like it, but not how it's been laid out so far... The VHL does need depth players, but the VHLM is always getting a bunch of new members to join teams, only to see them lose interest for one reason or another, I think sometimes the reason is that with so much "depth" in the VHLM, their players don't get enough minutes. If we were to introduce this, I'd seriously consider expanding the M back to 8 teams. Also, if we were to do this, I think it would need to have a few rules regarding VHLM "Stars": VHLM Cap at 125 TPA (No carryover allowed for these players) VHLM Career limited to 8 full seasons max. Once player hits 200 TPE, they are entered into VHL Draft Player TPE Cap is 300, does not depreciate Individual attributes capped at 85 or 90 Players cost Cap Space, but do not earn Salary Allowed to Re-roll once per career Not allowed position change during career Basically, it gives you a player to fuck around with who will be a decent depth piece, but never an actual star in either league. The trade-off is that you can stay in the VHLM forever if you want (well, 8 full seasons), and then once you hit the VHL (starting the clock on your career) and hit 300 TPE, you don't ever have to worry about that player again, just watch how they do, and "sign" with whichever team you want to. The point of counting against the Cap without earning Salary is that you cost the team something, but cannot bank cash and then add modifiers, as these would only be meant as depth pieces. I think this could be a fun way to engage the members who want a second player, without risk of burning them out.
  6. Where Are You From?

    Never seen this topic before :/ Surprised that @Phil (and I guess @Knight) are the only other ones to be from Toronto as well? Guessing others just haven't tagged it lol.
  7. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    1. I’ve been fairly MIA lately, where did all these new kids come from? 2. How do you feel about the health of the league going forward? 3. What’s your go to breakfast cereal? 4. Do you still think that sealing the record books is something the league should look into? 5. Rick or Morty?
  8. VHL Portal Update - New HOF

    Looks amazing! Great work guys!
  9. S59 All-Star Teams and Game Thread

    Johnsson - Ay Ay Rob Should be fun to see, eh @boubabi ? Also, @Beaviss, post up the rosters with overalls (screen shots would be cool, if you could do that too!)
  10. All Star GM Selection

    LOL it also shows up next to the edit history. It's probably just a script issue with the forum. I've noticed it a few times, but this is the first time I've noticed it growing lol
  11. All Star GM Selection

    @Will wtf is this? It randomly appeared in the post, and when I highlighted it, it continued writing "abcabcabcabc"...
  12. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    Are you happy with the way the new update scale has looked so far? Do you think we'll be able to truly evaluate it right away, or do you think it needs a generation before fully understanding its impact? Why did you tag a scrub like @JardyB10? Are hot dogs sandwiches? What's the most fucked up would you rather question you can come up with? Answer it!
  13. @Victor ya old coot! I see you!

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    2. Victor


      I'm a long way away from that sadly. Not even that busy, just not interested atm. I rest happy in the knowledge that this will be here when I do decide to come back though.

    3. Quik


      Yeah, I know that feeling man. The burnout is real with these leagues sometimes. I used to be in so many haha. Hope everything else is good though, and when you do come back, we gotta team up and wreck shit again lol

    4. Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Wrong terminology @Quik, you might @Victor you young coot!

  14. S59 Official Award Changes

    lol yeah, no worries...though I don't like judging based on +/- either haha
  15. Shorter Seasons?

    Fair point. Maybe, we shorten the sim, but then create an off-season team activity that is run by a non-GM/Simmer/Admin/job that takes up time in the off-season? That way, we could spread the off-season out a little more, to keep guys from burning out and make sure everything is done on time/properly, but keep members' attention during that time. I've seen mention of team PTs before, I'm not really sure how those worked as I don't think I was around when they were a thing, but even an off-season easter hunt type thing that gets people coming back for 1 TPE/day, with an extra 3 TPE for checking in each day type of thing (10 Uncapped TPE). It basically works out to an activity check, but it retains members during a period where it's very easy to lose them, especially new members who join in the awkward period right after the playoffs start. It would negate the need for an extra doubles week (though I agree there should always be at least one per season), and we could still condense the actual sim schedule to prevent/mitigate a mid-season lull in activity. I do think a shorter real-time regular season, with more games and a pre-season is the best way to go in that sense. But I do get what you're saying about burning out with the short off-season (you're not the first to mention it), and think this could be a best of both-worlds option.