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VHL Top 25 Players, Part V: 10-6


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VHL Top 25 Players

Part V: 10-6


Welcome back to the second to last part of VSN's S69 Top 25 Players list. Tonight, we enter the top 10 and get ever so close to learn who the top players of the league are, according to our experts.


10. Joseph McWolf


First to crack our Top 10 is none other than one of the most effective defensemen in the league for the past few seasons in Joseph McWolf. Never having a season with less than 60 points and being a two-time Labatte winner and one-time Valiq winner McWolf is the player you really want to lead your defensive core into the postseason. With 67 points last season he surely showed that he is still capable of playing on the elite level we are used to seeing from him so why should we doubt his ability to play on the same level now? After the trade that sent McWolf to Malmo Nighthawks, it is important to note that his role as the main offensive defensemen will be challenged all the time as the team has talent on every line. With his elite defensive game and scoring, we can predict he will end up in Top 5 defensemen scoring and could be again Valiq candidate if the team will be able to produce with him on the blue line. Truly an amazing player that has a chance to be the best player on the ice for any team.



9. Dan Wilinsky


Arguably the most coveted free agent of the offseason, Dan Wilinsky is taking his talent to Seattle looking for a run at his first Continental Cup. Wilinsky will be an integral part of the offence in Seattle as they attempt to repeat as Champions. An S67 Scott Boulet Trophy winner, Wilinsky brings with him the two-way star power that makes him 10th best player currently in the VHL. As he enters his seventh season in the VHL, Wilinsky begins the year 8 points short of a career point per game pace. We fully expect him to end the season and shortly his career at a point per game pace as he fends off depreciation. Having scored at least 30 goals in each season so far, expect no different this season with his new team. A true top ten talent looking to cement his status as an all-time great.



8. Finn Davison


The HC Davos Dynamo's progression these past few seasons has been tough to follow. They seem to have what I'd call a roller coaster philosophy, going from serious Continental Cup contenders, to rebuilders, to contenders again in only a handful of seasons. Through all this chaos, the prowesses of goaltender Finn Davison stand as the one constant ray of light. The British goaltender has been shadowed by the trio of Pepper, Wahl and Kriketers for most of his career, but he quietly developed and finally posted the better statline of the group in Season 68. His 37 wins, .927 save percentage and 2.20 goals-against average marked not only career highs for Davison but also league-wide era highs, as we have to go back to the early 60s to find higher statistics over a full season. Against all odds, the Dynamo netminder propelled himself into stardom, engraving his name on both the Aidan Shaw and Greg Clegane trophies along the way. As he's about to play the sixth season of his career on a team now entering a rebuilding phase yet again, some doubts arise about whether he'll be able to replicate his numbers from last season. Either way, it makes no doubt to me that Finn Davison is currently the best goaltender of the VHL. 



7. Ryan Sullivan Jr


Ryan Sullivan Jr is coming off a career-changing season, where he gathered 103 points, including 70 assists. His unbelievable increase in production was because of two factors; playing alongside Matt Thompson, and the switch to forward from defence. Matt Thompson will no longer be on his wing, which could hurt Sullivan Jr.’s production. That’s where Jake Davis steps in. The superstar winger signed with Malmo during the offseason to replace Matt Thompson, and helps Ryan Sullivan Jr.’s fantasy value tremendously. Sullivan could be used as an F1 or an elite F2 in most leagues, but there is some uncertainty clouding him. If Davis has a down year, Sullivan’s stock will be crippled. Ultimately, it seems unlikely that Sullivan Jr. hits 103 points again, but a 90+ point year is absolutely in the cards.



6. Ryan Kastelic


Ryan Kastelic is the new age Keaton Louth but to a far less dramatic extent. Kastelic finished with a career-high in goals (33) and points (88) while also picking up 150 hits, a very good mark for a forward. Kastelic will most likely be playing with Pat Svoboda and possibly Elias Dahlberg, both of which appeared VSN’s top 25 fantasy rankings. The only issue clouding Kastelic is the arrival of Rauno Palo, who takes the #1 centre role for the Reign. This will limit Kastelic’s special teams play the most, but expect his time on ice in general to drop. Kastelic is still an elite centre and is absolutely a top 10 pick, but there are some aspects that should make fantasy owners a little nervous. Much like Sullivan Jr., he is an F1/elite F2.



With the last part set to come out on Friday and Season 69 supposedly starting later today, it looks like we planned it all out for the least to act as some sort of countdown. We didn't, but we'll pretend as we did. Anyway, who should have made the top 10 in your opinion?


Players mentioned: @McWolf, @oilmandan, @Poptart, @Sonnet, @BladeMaiden, @hedgehog337, @Advantage, @Beketov, @Josh, @Enorama, @Beaviss, @StamkosFan, @Nykonax, @jRuutu


VSN Writer McWolf

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Just now, Poptart said:

Whoa #8... I appreciate the kind words, I apologize about making the comment early @McWolf

generating discussion is partly what makes this kind of work fun. I can take the heat, don't worry! Good luck this season, bud o/

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