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Wildcard, Games 3 & 4

VHL Games

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Congratulations on a quality season, Riga! Your time is coming... just not today. 


PRAGUE!! At long last, we've done it! We are moving on for the first time in franchise history, and the wait for the next one won't be nearly as long!! :prg:

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4 minutes ago, flyersfan1406 said:

Moscow to go up 3-1 but then falls to Prague in dreaded 3-1 curse. Heard it here first.

That's a bold take. Wrong; but bold.

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well, considering that making playoffs was almost a pipe dream after a 0-7-1 start I can't complain about this season. Our young guns tried their best and I can't wait to see them when they're becoming better! Sucks to see such a quick ending for Lagesson and especially our legend @Cxsquared, but at least we tried and even took a game here.


GG @diamond_ace and good luck in the next round!

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Well, we were close but I couldn’t get one last save. Thank you for the wonderful memories, Calgary! Such an awesome group, I’m sorry I couldn’t get you guys a cup. All of you were amazing and it really felt like we were a family.


To the Bears, our rivalry was long and heated but it was an honour to play against such a great team. Kick ass in the playoffs!


From Jacques Lafontaine to everyone, thank you.

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