VHL/SBA/EFL Cross Recruitment Drive

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Hey guys, we have come to an agreement with the EFL and the SBA for a cross recruitment event!


Starting tonight, any VHL user who creates a new player in the EFL or SBA will receive an extra 5 TPE for that player (in the respective affiliate league; not applicable to a VHL player). If you’re on the inactive side in either of those leagues, you also have the option of returning to activity with that player and claiming an extra 5 TPE for that current player.


If your a player that comes from either of these leagues we will also honor the agreement when you create a new player here. Make sure you tag this post in your update for it to count!


*Inactive counts as not updating in the past month.


Please check out our affiliates!


Football Sim League


Basketball Sim League

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1 minute ago, McWolf said:

Anyone in the EFL wants recruitment TPE? @.sniffuM?


No EFL recruitment TPE afaik, but anyone joining the SBA should put in Dennis Feinstein as their recruiter tbh (and hit me up in discord, I can help you get started and help you figure out how you wanna build).

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12 minutes ago, nicolas01 said:

I thought about creating an EFL player last month but I wasn't sure if I have the time for it. I think I'll do it finally.


Good call. If you claim your VHL PTs over there through affiliate welfare and simply post in 3 sim threads a week (there are 6 weekly, 3 EFL and 3 NCAA) then you have all your capped TPE for the week right there!

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