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[S73] Mikko Aaltonen has retired!


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This is a pretty special moment for me, Mikko was my first sim player ever and boy did I learn alot with him.

His VHLM career is mostly forgotten, but to me those were the first steps in Aaltonen's rollercoaster-ish career. Shoutout to these people:
@BladeMaiden @TheFlash @FrostBeard @DMaximus the seasons I had with you all in VHLM were really epic and funny, glad to have been a part of it all.


Moving on to his VHL career, which consisted of 2 teams, starting off with being selected 4th overall by the Riga Reign, now at the time I was super excited to be selected by a team that is from the country I live in(Latvia), this combined with the fact that this was my first sim league ever resulted in me maxing tpe every week which eventually led to a pretty massive burnout, I started visiting VHL less and less, to a point where I almost retired, but me being selected top5 made me feel bad for the GM that had put his trust in me, thus I continued to only welfare and do low effort stuff(some theme weeks here n there aswell).
Cheers to everyone that I met along the way, especially @hedgehog337

Then the next big thing happened, VHL expanded to D.C and Prague, and Riga had the option to protect either me or one other player, and that player really wanted to stay in Riga, I did too but I just felt bad forcing my GM into a 50/50 where one of the members might feel bad afterwards, so i volunteered to be left unprotected.

Had no expectation whatsover of D.C, had no idea who their GM was, no idea how the team will proceed, how Mikko's career might be "wasted", but to me it didn't really matter, I just wanted to sort of "redeem" Mikko, and now with him retiring, I feel like I did that, he turned into a solid first franchise piece for D.C and I couldn't be happier with that(we're still winning that cup, yo)
Shoutout to @bigAL @STZ @chillzone @KC15 @DangerGolding @BarzalGoat @frescoelmo @Kekzkrieg @Midnite @flatl99 @DollarAndADream @fonziGG and every past & future D.C dragon...... and of course the captain of the ship, the madman behind the masterplan, the absolute legend, @Enorama

Onto the next adventure!

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@GRZ I can honestly say that from the moment you stepped into my locker room you became an integral part of my team and the atmosphere that became a staple of the Reapers LR. As you move on to your next player i wish you luck with a whole new adventure but  remind you to hold all your good memories as you make your way.  It is always a joy when i get to see all the amazing players that I had the pleasure of seeing at the beginning of their careers. I wish you the best of luck an i look forward to seeing you around, Hopefully this time we'll met up in the VHL.


#PhillyFAM #AlwaysAReaper #ScaryGoodPlayer

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