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S80 Hall of Fame Induction


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Welcome one and all to the S80 Hall of Fame induction! This season we have a double first ballot induction, a fairly impressive distinction for 2 of the finest players of the past decade.


C - Andrew Su, S72-S79:que::cal::sea:

RS: 576 GP, 301 G, 412 A, 713 P, +109, 260 PIM, 396 HIT, 234 SB, 41 GW

PO: 69 GP, 28 G, 43 A, 71 P, +12, 72 PIM, 58 HIT, 25 SB, 0 GW


S76 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

S76 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Most Points)

S77 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

S77 Brett Slobodzian Trophy (Most Outstanding)

S77 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Most Points)

S77 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)

3x All-VHL First Team (S75, S76, S77)

One Continental Cup (S74)


First up, it's the man who jokingly tanked his own draft stock and fell to the 2nd round in S72, only to rise as the best forward of a generation. Su kept flying under the radar for the first part of his career but by his 3rd season was a key cog of a young Vancouver Wolves team that surprised the league by winning the Continental Cup in S74. As the team's veterans retired, Su became the focal point of the Wolves attack and rose to the occasion, posting 4 straight 100+ point seasons. After an era of the lowest scoring the league has ever seen, Su's rise was a throwback to a different time, with his pinnacle being two straight 120-point seasons in S76 and S77, in which he also filled out his trophy case with the VHL's most prestigious awards. Su stayed in the west with two 1-season stops in Calgary and Seattle to end his career, coming within 2 wins of a second championship while also breaking the 700-point barrier - the first player to do so since Julian Borwinn's retirement in S70. Congratulations @Da_Berr!




RW/D - Chris Hylands, S73-S79:mal::war:

RS: 504 GP, 233 G, 404 A, 637 P, +51, 628 PIM, 1,205 HIT, 523 SB, 34 GW

As RW-  333 GP, 190 G, 244 A, 434 P, +30, 321 PIM, 772 HIT, 172 SB, 27 GW

As D- 171 GP, 43 G, 160 A, 203 P, +21, 307 HIT, 351 SB, 7 GW

PO: 81 GP, 29 G, 65 A, 94 P, +15, 60 PIM, 177 HIT, 106 SB, 6 GW

As RW- 40 GP, 23 G, 26 A, 49 P, +17, 22 PIM, 90 HIT, 21 SB, 5 GW

As D- 41 GP, 6 G, 39 A, 45 P, -2, 38 PIM, 87 HIT, 85 SB, 1 GW


S73 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (Top Rookie)

S75 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP)

S78 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S78 Alexander Valiq Trophy (Top Offensive Defenceman)

1x All-VHL First Team (S78)

1x All-VHL Second Team (S75)

Two Continental Cups (S75, S78)


Conner Low, Matt Bailey, Black Velvet - we can now add Chris Hylands to the unique list of Hall of Famers who excelled both on offence and defence. Hylands didn't do a slow start - he was top rookie in S73 and hit 100 points by S75, a season in which he led Malmo to the franchise's first Continental Cup, being crowned playoff MVP (he would later become the Nighthawks' GM and masterminded their second championship in S79). As Malmo entered a rebuild, Hylands' points totals didn't dry - halfway through S76 he was probably his draft class' best Hall of Fame hope, before Su's big breakthrough. Many of us thought he wasted that chance by moving to defence once he was sold to the high-flying Warsaw Predators, but Hylands' talent transferred to the back easily. By S78, he was known as the VHL's best defenceman and a key contributor now to Warsaw's first ever championship. Like Su, a 2nd rounder who broke down barriers and accumulated unique accomplishments - congrats @hylands!




Andrew Su - 11/12

Chris Hylands - 11/12


Alex Letang - 2/12

Tyson Kohler, Jakab Holik, Alexander Pepper, Roque Davis, Erik Killinger - 0/12

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@Da_Berr Congrats! You had an astounding career and the induction is so well-deserved. I suspect there may be an spot on the All-Decade Team waiting for you as well...


@hylands What can I say. You were a fine example to us young Nighthawks as we came up the ranks and you pointed us to the path of glory. Then you tested us in battle when you left Malmo so we knew how a winner played. Congratulations, my friend. It was an honor to share the ice and locker room with you albeit for a short time.  

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