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Hiring S67 WJC GMs


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Hello fellow VHLers! As you may already know, the S67 World Junior Championships will be starting soon and with that, we will have to hire 5 General Managers to represent the different teams in the tournament. Being a GM in the WJC is a great place for new members to gain valuable skills that a GM has that they can hopefully one day translate into a VHLM and/or VHL job!


What does a WJC GM do?


- Selecting a roster of players to represent your country.

- Helping to generate discussion with your selected team-mates in both your respective team forum and in game threads.

- Submitting lines for each game (No experience doing this? No worries! Feel free to reach out to the commissioners, your team-mates, or other GMs!)

- Learning new and valuable skills that can help you advance in the VHL!


List of Teams


Team Canada CA.png

Team USA US.png

Team Europe EU.png (All Europe, excluding Russia) 

Team Asia ?(All Asia, including Russia)

Team World ?️ (All other countries and players not selected for the above four teams)



Things To Consider


- A 2 capped TPE pay will be awarded to General Managers, providing an extra incentive for those thinking about applying for the role. 

- Primarily, we will be looking to have teams represented by General Managers that own players of the same nationality. 

- If you're someone with no previous management experience in the VHL, then a role as WJC General Manager is a great way to introduce you to the basic concepts of managing a team.


How To Apply


To apply for a GM position, apply below!


Reminder: You do not have to have ANY GM or STHS experience prior to being a WJC GM. This is a way for new members to gain said experience so don't hesitate to apply!





WJC Section on Forum

WJC S67 Eligibility *Coming Soon*

WJC Rules

Championship History + Player and GM all-time stats

Nation Rankings


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I’d love to apply for a spot. The only actual GM experience I have around here was back in S1/S2 so that really doesn’t mean anything but I have a ton of GM experience elsewhere.


Essentially I would love the opportunity to get my foot in the door and this seems like a great thing to get involved in.

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I'll put my name in for team USA. I've GM'd Team USA twice for WJC and WC once, also GM'd world for WJC


my experience is in my sig :)


both my players are american, plus Glade is the top player from USA in the S60s ;)

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45 minutes ago, Peace said:

I’m not applying because I already have a GM job, however I’d like to offer my services to any potential GM - if you need help just contact me and I’ll do my best to help you! 

Wow peace, you are so kind. I love it

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This is my second season in the league, I have been more active than ever and I believe this could be a good learning experience for me. A WJC management role would be an amazing honor. I would be interested in representing any team but team Asia would be preferred. The GM of team Asia, now how good does that sound!?!?

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Thanks @Beaviss yes I definitely am I applying for a GM position for this! Sign me up I’m very active and I’m really good at building teams. I know hockey like no other sport. It is my true passion right up there with music,film,and art. So I love everything about it. I’m a very positive individual and believe I can make it positive experience for all players involved. I’m very fair and listen to instructions well and can take constructive criticism. I thrive in leadership situations and believe in myself and the game itself. Hire me ! I will make it fun!

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I'll throw my name in once again for either Europe or World. Still looking to gain some sort of experience GM'ing and would jump on any opportunity to get more involved. Good luck to all applying!

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1 hour ago, Jubo07 said:

Good luck to everyone applying. Having GM’d in this tourney I can say it is an excellent opportunity to learn how the sim world operates.

Not applying ? ? 

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46 minutes ago, DilIsPickle said:

Not applying ?

Not this time around, hopefully a new member can get a shot.

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