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S62 VHL Entry Draft

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Season 62 VHL Entry Draft Board

Draft Begins: 9PM EST


Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S62, S63 = S62, S63 Continental Cup Champion, etc.


Round One

1. :rig: RIGA REIGN: LW - Leph Twinger S63, S69

2. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: D - Maxim Kovalchuk S68, S69

3. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: G - Johnny Havenk Carison S64, S65

4. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: C - Rauno Palo S67

5. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE (from New York): LW - Vesto Slipher

6. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: C - Dan Montgomery S66

7. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Calgary): D - Dylan Nguyen S63

8. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: LW - Konstantin Mulligan


Round Two: 

9. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Seattle): LW - Ryuu Crimson S63

10. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: RW - Jake Davis

11. :rig: RIGA REIGN: D - Shawn Glade S63, S67, S68

12. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: C - Oleksiy Revchenko

13. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE (from New York): LW - Karl von Moltke

14. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE (from Helsinki): D - Lando Baxter

15. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: D - Cayden Saint S62

16. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE (from Davos): RW - Roctrion King


Round Three: 

17. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Seattle): D - Lukas Novacek

18. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: LW - Shawn Mendes

19. :rig: RIGA REIGN: D - Paolo Nano

20. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: G - Lefty

21. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from New York): RW - Jaroslav Zimmer

22. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: D - B.B. Nat

23. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Calgary): RW - Jack Stucky

24. :tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Davos): D - Kasper Loh


Round Four: 

25. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: RW - Janis Ozolins

26. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: C - Connor Heidebrecht

27. :rig: RIGA REIGN: RW - Shane Appelle

28. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Quebec): G - Matt Aloisi

29. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANSC - Hunter Kidd

30. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Pass


32. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Pass


RW - Alex Reaper (S62) CAN.png 30 Saskatoon Wild
D - B.B. Nat (S62) CAN.png 76 Oslo Storm
D - Cayden Saint (S62) CAN.png 123 Yukon Rush
C - Connor Heidebrecht (S62) CAN.png 30 Las Vegas Aces
C - Dan Montgomery (S62) CAN.png 189 Yukon Rush
D - Dylan Nguyen (S62) CAN.png 141 Saskatoon Wild
LW - Evgeni Golovoy (S62) CAN.png 30 Ottawa Lynx
D - Gaidis Olnica (S62) CAN.png 30 Yukon Rush
C - Gillyweed Kellyberger (S62) CAN.png 30 Yukon Rush
G - Harri Abraham (S62) CAN.png 30 Saskatoon Wild
C - Hunter Kidd (S62) CAN.png 36 Las Vegas Aces
RW - Jack Stucky (S62) CAN.png 38 Yukon Rush
RW - Jake Davis (S62) CAN.png 186 Ottawa Lynx
RW - Janis Ozolins (S62) CAN.png 42 Saskatoon Wild
RW - Jaroslav Zimmer (S62) CAN.png 48 Las Vegas Aces
RW - Jeddie Higgins (S62) CAN.png 30 Yukon Rush
D - Jeffery Fredrick Giribaldi (S62) CAN.png 30 Yukon Rush
G - Johnny Havenk Carison (S62) CAN.png 171 Yukon Rush
D - John Stephanides (S62) CAN.png 30 Ottawa Lynx
LW - Joseph Wolf (S62) CAN.png 30 Oslo Storm
LW - Josh Baldwin (S62) CAN.png 30 Saskatoon Wild
C - Justin Lowenstein (S62) CAN.png 30 Ottawa Lynx
LW - Karl von Moltke (S62) CAN.png 144 Ottawa Lynx
D - Kasper Loh (S62) CAN.png 30 Saskatoon Wild
LW - Konstantin Mulligan (S62) CAN.png 237 Yukon Rush
D - Lando Baxter (S62) CAN.png 157 Ottawa Lynx
G - Lefty (S62) .png 77 Ottawa Lynx
LW - Leph Twinger (S62) CAN.png 319 Yukon Rush
D - Lukas Novacek (S62) CAN.png 119 Oslo Storm
G - Matt Aloisi (S62) CAN.png 42 Saskatoon Wild
RW - Matt Merkell (S62) CAN.png 30 Yukon Rush
D - Maxim Kovalchuk (S62) CAN.png 203 Oslo Storm
D - Mike McTank (S62) CAN.png 30 Ottawa Lynx
C - Oleksiy Revchenko (S62) CAN.png 155 Las Vegas Aces
D - Paolo Nano (S62) CAN.png 69 Saskatoon Wild
RW - Plutkins Vritikken (S62) CAN.png 30 Ottawa Lynx
C - Rauno Palo (S62) CAN.png 276 Oslo Storm
RW - Roctrion King (S62) CAN.png 145 Yukon Rush
LW - Ryuu Crimson (S62) CAN.png 149 Saskatoon Wild
RW - Shane Appelle (S62) CAN.png 30 Oslo Storm
D - Shawn Glade (S62) CAN.png 145 Yukon Rush
LW - Shawn Mendes (S62) CAN.png 91 Oslo Storm
LW - Vesto Slipher (S62) CAN.png 272 Yukon Rush
D - Zach Ryan (S62) CAN.png 30 Oslo Storm
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First of all, congratz to Davos with finally winning a champioship since I didn't do it properly in thread (just gif and things).


Second of all I must to inform you that to nobody surprise, the Riga Reign team choses:




See? Didn't even put this into the spoiler. Welcome to the team @DollarAndADream! :cheers:




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There's a lot....and I mean A LOT of great forwards I have to pass on right now. I have to go with the positional need, and a great up and coming first generation, talented goaltender.


:tor: Toronto selects at 3rd overall, goaltender Johnny Havenk Carison.  @Donno100

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